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how to maintain the rotary dryer draft fan

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Rotary dryer ,also named drum dryer,is a kind of dryer which is used to dry certain humidity and particle size range granular material. The maintenace of rotary dryer i s improtant. If we want the rotary dryer to run stably,the draft fan is an essential part.The following notes should be paid during daily maintenance.
1If the flow is too large and  doesn’t meet the requirement,we should use the throttling gear to adjust.
2.If there is abnormal phenomena in the process,the process should be stopped at once and check the problems.
3.Check the thermograph and oil scale regularly.
4.Change the grease regularly.
5.Check the running bearing timely,clean and add grease.
6. We can not maintain the draft fan when the dryer is in process.
7. We could run the fan when everything is regular.
8. Clean the dust of every part.
Please follow the notes to protect the dryer.

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  • Posted On June 4, 2012
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