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How To Make Money Online From Writing E-Books?

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Anna was a natural expresser. She had this way with words as well. She would always be keen to share her experience. Experiences not very great and far but petty everyday experiences which she shared with her friends, who found them interesting enough to give them their ears. The experience shared were no less than story telling. Something as petty as “How I caught my bus,” would turn into a funny thriller story.
Little did she know she had an author residing in her. Friends told her to write, which she promised herself that one day she would! But today where was the time? Who would publish her work? Who would read apart from her family and friends? Many such anxieties kept her away from her secret dream.
Then came an opportunity disguised in a calamity. She was bedridden due to a fractured limb for some time. She started writing about her experience and shared it on a social network site. She then thought of writing them on a blog. Her style of writing invited many guests to her blog. It soon grew popular and it attracted advertisers who started paying her. In no time she was earning money from her hobby!
Many people like Ann do not realize the potential of money making from online writing. If you have it in you to write there is no dearth of writing online. Even if you do not have that flair for writing you can still make money online, let us see how
1) You can sell e-books online. There are various site that sell e-books. You can supply these to people who want to read but do not know where they are available on the net. You can supply these books to them and get a cut from the dealers. You can do this from a small web site of yours. It takes minutes to open a single page web site.
2) You can supply academic affiliate books to students at a discounted price which the dealers are offering. You can share heavy profits in this. You can buy back their books and offer them to the next generation of students.
3) You can make money by writing reviews to the books. Starting this way you can develop your writing skills.
If you have that knack for writing you can really be rich and famous by writing on the net.
1) You can start by writing on your everyday experiences. People are looking out on the net for a solution for their similar problems or happenings. They feel good to have people in their boat. If you have hits you get paid by the sites.
2) You could write fiction on the net. Fiction always worked for people. Make up stories with which people identify. People read when they have a sense of belonging.
3) If you have any hobby you write on that for the tips, that has lot of readership. Have a series of write ups, say an article each week.
Have a research friendly title for anything that you write so that the search engines fish your article!

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