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How to Make your Own Diet Plan

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A personalized diet plan is more advised than a pre-made one because the later does not take into account each of our own individuality. There are numerous plans out there which give you great results for the short term like Jenny Craig and The Zone but having your own plan takes into account your individuality. No diet plan is necessarily that superior to the other. Provided you reduce the intake of calories you will be able to lose weight fast enough. Some diet plans have even gone as far as being dangerous, because they recommend the abolishment of certain food groups.

When designing a personalized weight loss plan start with some self-reflection. Know why you want to lose weight: is it for health reasons or to boost your self-esteem? Once you have a good reason to cut the weight you are more motivated.

Your occupation may involve you working some odd hours like a doctor. Maybe you work the night shift or you are in a plane all the time traveling from one place to another. If you are working odd hours you are advised to find a way to make sure you get the most out of your diet. Your breakfast may be at 4 pm., lunch at midnight and supper at 6 am. in the morning. A tailor-made timed diet plan will not only ensure that you get the best out of your food but also help avoid haphazard eating habits.

According to Bauer and Jones you should ask yourself six essential questions when you have already got your pen and paper out.

First question – how many meals do you prefer to eat in a day? Do you prefer five, three or eight meals, once you know what you prefer space your calories accordingly. Check out the web for some diets faq, to have a clearer picture before drawing up what you eat.

Second question – Do you have time to cook or just do not like preparing food? If time is not on your side instead of jumping to the closest junk food restaurant look for healthy ready-made alternatives.

Third question – Who can provide you with the needed support? Losing weight is not easy because it is a fight with yourself and given we are our own biggest enemies, a companion would come in handy. You need somebody to tell you keep going when the going gets tough and you are on the brink of giving up. From family and friends to online weight loss community, you will be courageous enough to lose weight fast enough because you would hate to disappoint.

Fourth question – Do you love to eat outside? Simply make sure that you keep count of the calories you gain at the fast food restaurant or gourmet restaurant or even the barbecue.

Fifth question – Do you need a treat of the day? Do you need a special treat to feel full then reserve 100 calories to have that special treat like chips, cookies or chocolates.

Sixth question – How much time can you sacrifice to exercise? Most doctors recommend 30 minutes each day of relative physical activity such as walking. Exercise and weight loss accompany each other so make sure also to schedule some time to work up a sweat.

If this is just not cutting for you, a shortcut may be the use of diet pills which can help you experience fast weight loss. However, whichever weight loss procedure you choose make sure it is accompanied by lifestyle changes to avoid being sucked into a vicious cycle. Making your own plan may not be as easy as it seems but once you have got what suits your lifestyle and needs it is completely rewarding.

Dori ONeill is the author of this article on weight loss. Find more information, about fast weight loss here


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