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How To Make Your Writing Sell In A Competitive Market

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I thought I would revisit this whole issue of the cheap writers online, and how you can go around them and make these high paying secrets work for you. After all, I don’t want you to be reading this and think to yourself…”Yeah, this is great yet there’s too much competition from cheap writers”. Remember, there is no creativity in completion – so stop it and develop your own clients your way. Don’t compete with low ball writers, raise the bar and set a higher standard for your business.
Apart from following the advice and using the experience I have already handed to you in this report, there are other things you can do to rise above the fierce seeming competition and get paid 10 times what other writers do. To explain, here are the elements you should focus on to easily boost your pay checks as a full or part time online writer.
Have credentials and/or experience
The more specialized and experienced you are, the more money you will receive. A specialist website would spend more money on an “expert article writer for specific topics on the web” writer, than an “article writer with competitive rates”. Contrary to what some people might tell you, serious online businesses care more about quality than price. It can make or break their business, so they don’t want to scrape by on junk content, would you?
Target the right readers
Some markets are becoming overcrowded for writers, yet not necessarily well paid in the first place. Online marketing, weight loss and diets are some examples of over bloated areas. Does this mean you can’t be a specialist and high paid writer in these markets? Of course not, however you need to really find a niche within them, and prove your skill set there. For example, instead of “online marketing article writer”, you could be a “Content Distribution Specialist Writer”. There will be a lot more business out there, despite you going more “narrow” with your services. In fact, you’ll land more high paying clients this way, as opposed to competing with the cheap dollar article writers who will write about anything for a dollar!
Furthermore, don’t limit yourself to the obvious markets. Look at markets where big money is being made such as media, industrial, medical, oil, etc. Sites that are in these categories will be generating high income from direct sales or ad revenue. That means they are more inclined to want to pay for excellent original content!
Do some advanced marketing
As a writer, marketing can be just as important, and sometimes even more important, as your actual writing ability. I’ll show you some specific tactics to market your writing business a little later on in upcoming articles, yet just be prepared to get out there and shout from the rooftops a little maybe while hanging around a purple elephant.
Become visible to your target readers
We will talk about this more in a minute, yet essentially you need to be in front of your target clients. That means hanging out where they hang out,and getting your name spread around between your own clients. Referrals are one of the best ways in the world to get more business from satisfied clients. You don’t need to be a super guru marketer or a hard pitch sales person. You simply need to grow the awareness of your expertise, quality and services.It’s not that difficult to do, and in a moment, I am going to show you how to get tons of exposure without paying a single cent for it. Stay tuned for more articles to follow.
Stop being a cheap broke writer
Once you’ve become known as an inferior writer, you will find it very hard to shake that label off. Clients will come to expect a certain rate, and your name may become synonymous with being cheap (word spreads fast online). If you want to save your writing career and get high paying projects, then drop the poor el cheapo services and start focusing on specialty niches and quality. Trust me; there are hundreds of thousands of business people willing to pay good money for those things, so don’t let the desperate writers convince you otherwise. If you would like more of this, stay tuned!

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