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How to Move to New York City

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Tips on What to Expect After Moving to the Big Apple


Just like how Alicia Keys belts it, the streets in New York will make you feel brand new. New York City is such a tough place to live in, that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.


But before you can experience the glitz and glamour of New York, you have to move there of course. In this article, we’ll take a step by step approach on how to survive the concrete jungle. So get set, have moving suppliesand fill those moving boxes. New York is waiting.


Getting to New York: Things to Remember


* No matter how urbanized the city of New York is, there are still many buildings that don’t have elevators. Without an elevator, you may have to increase the effort and allocate more time if you’re moving into the building. Of course, you can’t force moving companies to scale up the long flight of stairs, to your fifth floor pad. Let’s say they will, you can’t prevent moving companies from charging you extra for their trouble. As a rule of thumb, heavy items should be packed in small boxes, while lighter items should go in larger moving boxes. New York is such a busy place. You can’t just expect anyone to help you carry your moving boxes.


* The streets of New York are not designed for moving trucks. If you’re moving alone, just don’t drive the rental truck if you don’t feel comfortable on narrow streets. However, moving companies may need to use smaller trailer vans to get through the busy streets, where big trucks don’t fit. Unfortunately, this will mean extra costs for you.


* Traffic rules in New York are very explicit. If you’re the kind of person who carelessly reads signs, you most likely will get a ticket with just a minor misstep. Avoid parking on the wrong spots by scoping them out way ahead in advance.


* Most buildings impose move-in/ move-out times, as well as access times to the elevator. Before you move in, check with your building if they have such rules.


* There’s no such thing as a perfect move. Moving will always take longer than what you’ve hoped for. Expect the unexpected. There may be times when the sun already has set and you’re still dealing with your moving boxes. New York, though, never sleeps. So, you don’t have to worry.


During Moving Day: For a Smooth Move


* Get hold of all necessary New York State documents, such as a driver’s license or those needed for health insurance. Always remember to keep them somewhere safe.


* If you’re hiring a mover, be sure to understand insurance options even before choosing one. You can always ask moving companies about your options.


* You have to contact your mover if you need to file a damage claim. They are bound by law to respond to a written claim within 30 days and resolve it within 120 days, in writing.





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