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How to plan for cold weather when holding an outdoor event or party

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An article about the benefits of heater hire and it’s uses in the cold weather when planning and holding an outdoor event

If there is one thing that can never be relied upon, it’s the great British weather. Unfortunately when planning an outdoor event, the weather is a key factor to consider, so it is worthwhile thinking about ways to overcome any surprises that the weather may bring which could be detrimental to the success of your event.

What makes a good impression for the guests at an outdoor event is obviously the entertainment, but aside from this the guests need to be comfortable. Things are so much more enjoyable when you are comfortable, nobody wants to feel too cold or too hot as this makes it hard to concentrate or relax. The next section of information will cover heater hire and how it can be used to enhance an outdoor event or party if a cold spell was to descend.

Firstly, heating hire comes in various different fuel types which all have their own merits and need to be given some thought before choosing which would be best for your situation.

- Direct Fired Oil Heaters
- Direct Fired Gas Heaters
- Indirect Fired Oil Heaters
- Indirect Fired Gas Heaters
- Electric Fan Heaters
- Electric Infrared Heaters
- Gas Fired Portable Boilers
- Oil Fired Portable Boilers
- Three Phase Electric Boilers

If the event is being held in a marquee or involves any combustible materials then the most sensible type of heating hire would be an indirect heater, whether that be oil or gas-fired. These are most suitable for places with limited ventilation or where combustible materials are being used. Another good all round portable heater type for virtually any situation is electric. As long as there is a power socket nearby electric heater hire provides safe fume free heat and for larger areas there are three phase models which can provide larger volumes of heat.

Depending on the situation and the event that is being held a good option of heating hire would be to go for patio heaters. This type of portable patio heater hire uses gas to spread heat over a broad area to keep you warm during the daytime or of a chilly evening. Most patio heaters are capable of heating an area up to 25 square metres so are ideal for parties and outdoor events. For a slightly less formal gathering, create further differentiation at your outdoor event with the rental of a fire pit, which will not only warm your guests into the late hours but also provides atmospheric lighting and flames. Fire pits are usually constructed from spun steel and include a stainless steel safety ring around the perimeter. Fire pits also double as bbq’s, which enable guests to lie back and gaze at the night sky whilst melting some marshmallows for a midnight feast.

There are many different types of heater hire for all kinds of situation which can really add to the success of an event. So all that is needed is some planning and research and your guests will be warm and comfortable and enjoying the entertainment.



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