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How to Prevent Obesity?

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What is Obesity?

Obesity is a term used in medical history which describes body weight is much greater than the healthier weight.


Who treat Obesity?

Bariatricians are medical doctors who provide treatments to the patients who are suffering from obesity. There are several medical problems which are caused by obesity to name few: Hypertension, Depression, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Increase in Blood Pressure and more.


Bariatricians advice the patients to do the following:


Exercise: Exercise is one of the most effective way to prevent obesity. Regular Exercise keeps the bones, muscles and joint healthy, feel energetic, will help to sleep better, helps to handle stress, reduces depression, controls the weight, lowering blood pressure. There are different exercise programs conducted to reduce obesity. Bariatricians advice to join any of the exercise programs according to the patient conditions. Usually Bariatricians recommend the patients to go for daily walk, join a dance class, etc. Even a little exercise fights obesity.


Dieting: The primary circumstance in this treatment must be the balanced selection of food. Dieting is more popular because you can see our surrounding who follow a strict diet to keep their body weight to the normal. Juice Fast can be taken for few days the following juice can be included in the diet: lemon juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, cabbage juice, grapefruit juice and papaya juice. The following foods should be followed during the diet: Raw Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds, Nuts and Grains. Avoid high-fat foods such as cheese, chocolate, cream, butter, fat meats, candy, cake, cookies, potatoes, rich puddings, alcoholic drinks, cold drinks, honey and syrup. Healthy diet is important to prevent and cure diseases.


Behavioral Therapy: Behavioral Therapy helps the individuals to build up few skills to achieve a healthier weight. Behavioral Therapists have many ways to change the behavior of a person. Behavior Therapists use problem solving tools for their patients treatment. There are few types of Behavioral Therapy:


  • Self Monitoring: Keeps track of behavior such as exercise and eating

  • Stimulus Control: Learning the prompts in your home life and social life

  • Reinforcement: Rewarding for positive changes

  • Social Support: Loosing weight with friends and colleagues

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