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How to propagate marijuana seeds

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Propagation of marijuana refers to growing several marijuana plants from one plant. This process of reproduction is also sometimes referred to as cloning. In case of plant cloning, the basic idea is to have the similar characteristics of the parent plant in the cloned plant. However, in case of propagation, the sole motive is to increase the number of plants without any specific emphasis on the plant characteristics. Marijuana propagation can be a time consuming process. However, it is not really a difficult process and great results can be achieved if a certain method is correctly followed.

How is propagation of marijuana seeds done?

The process of propagation of marijuana starts with selecting a mother plant. Once you have selected the mother plant, the next step is to take cuttings of the mother plant. The cuttings should be taken from a plant that displays characteristics such as potency, resistance to pests as well as ability to grow quickly under the given conditions. The mother plant should then be stored in a vegetative system under the metal halide lighting. The minimum requirement of lighting should at least be 16 hours.

For the next steps, you need a three inch water holding tray, propagator lighting, rooting hormone and high propagator fertilizers. At first, you should start cutting the leaves form the mother plant using the sharp scissors. You should cut a set of leaves and trim them accordingly so that they appear 7-9 inches tall. Following the same, you should bring on the tray and make a hole to make the plants fit properly. This will help the plants to obtain more nutrients and the stems to absorb more water.

Moreover, once the cuttings are placed in the tray, the water applied to them should be changed on a daily basis. It should be replaced with new treated hormone water. Drain the old water and ensure that the stems are not in any exposure. If this happens the clones will not live. After couple of days of following this process, the roots will spring out. Use foliar spray to clean the leaves which have not absorbed any nutrients. After this, the immature plant roots can be observed and you can plant them in the soil to grow them.

Use of Rock Wool:

Using Rock wool is another process through which you can propagate seeds easily. One you finish the cutting process, you can apply the hormone and attach them to the rock wool cubes. Once you do this, let the rock wool be wet for at least 2 weeks. After a couple of days, you will see the roots coming out from the rock wool bottom. Now, all you need to do is plant a good square. This process can make it even easier to propagate marijuana seeds.

Hence, one should always be careful while following these two processes. The usage of tools and chemicals can harm you, if you are not aware of the conditions. Besides, you should also make sure that you execute the process in the right season.

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