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How To Protect Against Kidney Stones with Simple Choices

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There is no single cause for kidney stones to develop, and we all have heard they are extremely painful. Surprisingly, there are multiple reasons for this condition which produce different stones. The origins for some varieties is understood but not for others.

On the other hand, it is very instructive if you can understand what kind you may already have. Today we will discuss what is understood about certain varieties.

Kidney stones are typically calcium based, and that is why year ago people thought high calcium foods and drinks contributed to this condition. Of course that is accurate that a specific compound made of calcium is the main component in one variety of stone. Yet the medical studies have come out and stated that there is no strong correlation between calcium foods and heightened risk of this condition. It is, rather, eating foods that are high in calcium oxalate, such as certain vegetables and nuts, that can contribute to kidney stones or irritate them if already present. But avoid having fear of eating or drinking anything that contains calcium. If your family has a history of kidney stones, then visit your personal physician for guidance. Aside from calcium stones, another type that some people have are the uric acid variety. Uric acid is a natural substance, but too much of it in the urine can produce stones. You’re more likely to get this type of stone if you don’t drink enough water or you eat too much protein. Gout is another problem that is often associated with this type of kidney stone. Another factor that can make you vulnerable to this is Type 2 diabetes. That’s why people with such pre-existing health problems have to be especially careful when it comes to kidney stones.

Consuming large amounts of alcohol can be a risk factor for kidney stones. Among the other dangers of drinking too much alcohol is dehydration, which often leads to kidney stones. Research also shows, though, that light to moderate drinkers can reduce their chances of developing various health problems, including kidney stones. This may sound like a contradiction, but the fact is that moderation is critical when it comes to alcohol. People who are prone to alcoholism, of course, should avoid drinking at all and seek alternative ways to gain similar benefits. The amount of alcohol that may be considered moderate will depend on your own tolerance, as well as body weight.

The frustrating part of kidney stones is there is no single source for their formation. Infections involving bacteria or unhealthy diet are two understood causes for anyone to develop kidney stones. There are so many connections such as the foods you eat and wise life choices such as regular work outs that will help in many different areas.

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