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How to Re-install Deleted Adobe PDF Printer on Mac

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If you have a file, you want to transfer it to another computer no matter it runs Mac OS X operating system, Windows, or Linux, you hope to view it the same on any different computers, then PDF is a fine choice for you to transfer and view it on different platforms. For Mac users, they usually use Adobe Acrobat to create PDF files, but one day, you’ve accidentally deleted the “Adobe PDF” printer in your Mac, how can you re-install it? Don’t worry, you can create the “Adobe PDF” printer in Mac OS X again by following the several steps.
When you install Acrobat, the Adobe PDF printer is created automatically in the Print Center. Here are the steps to re-install the Adobe PDF printer if it is accidentally deleted:
(1) Exit Acrobat and/or Distiller if running.
(2) Open the Terminal application (located in Applications/Utilities).
(3) Type “cd /usr/libexec/cups/backend/” (without quotes) and hit Return (cd is the command for change directory, so all you are doing is navigating to a different directory)
(4) Type “ls -l” (without quotes) and hit Return (ls just means list, so it is just showing you all the files in that folder)
(5) You should see a file named “pdf” You need to remove this file.
(6) Type the command “sudo rm pdf” (without quotes) and hit Return (sudo means “give me the rights to do this” and rm means remove)
(7) You will be prompted for a password. Enter in your Mac OS X account password the one you use to log into the Mac, and hit Return.

Now, your Adobe PDF printer should now be re-created and listed in the Print Center. You can go to print a PDF file by using the Adobe PDF printer. You can then view it later, or now use Mac PDF editor to insert images to pdf files on Mac, or edit text, images, form on your Mac.
If you feel it is a little troublesome to install the Adobe PDF printer on Mac, you are also able to try the PDF creator free software (more infor) to create PDF free on Mac or Window. There will always be solution to solve your problem. Enjoy the tips and hope to help you.


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