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How to Record Podcasts From Two Separate Locations

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Have you ever run an interview the location where the other person wasn’t inside same room as you? Have you ever created an order format podcast where you’ve recorded at distinct times or in distinct locations? Have you ever were built with a computer crash on you between podcasts practices and had to switch computers?

In case you have then you’ve been confronted with a situation where you are recording podcasts from two independent locations.

It’s not unusual to have to record from numerous locations. Fortunately, additionally it is easy to do. In reality, it’s easier when compared with recording more than one person in a location.

In this article I’m going to show you how to how to podcast via two separate spots. More specifically, I’m going to focus on the two main options that are available.

The first option is to actually make a single recording.

The easiest method to do this is to use a phone. Well not really. Easy and simple method is to make a Skype phone. There are a number of tools available such as Audio Skype Recorder which is totally free. One trick you should use for that particular device is to record the call in stereo mode. This specific puts the microphone and the other get together on separate songs. You can then manipulate these people separately and mix them in the enhancing step. You can also utilize this tool when phoning more than one person using Skype’s business call facility. Besides being the easiest this usually gives you the best quality.

The next easiest technique is to utilize a conference calling or even teleconference service. Get everyone call in to the conference call and then make use of the service’s recording features.

When downloaded you can use squeeze result through your modifying process.

A third approach involves the use of a mobile phone microphone and a regular land line or cellular phone. There are several different types of these microphones ranging from a simple vibration microphone using a vacuum hook at the end to an inline decoder. The mike can then be mounted on either a digital recorder or perhaps a computer running Audacity and other voice recording software program.

The second solution is to mix them in modifying.

Under some instances it is not possible to generate — or more frequently, use — a single recording. At times you need to make a recording of each voice on their own. There are many situations wherever this is true but the most frequent is when you are documenting more than one person in the same location. While you could use one omni-directional microphone using individual mics will result in a much better quality recording.

A professional facilities might use a multi-track recorders to make such a taking. However, that is typically beyond the capability of the particular amateur learning content product author. For those of us on a budget the trick would be to make a recording of each person separately. I cannot repeat the techniques but you are essentially the same as these.

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