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How To Setup A Home Network In A Windows 7 Environment

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The concept of setting up a home network can be frightening particularly if it is on a new windows platform such as Windows 7. Due to this fact, it is vital to acquire accurate information so it is a simple and smooth process. Follow the instructions below on how to setup a home network using the Windows 7 platform structure.

Hardware and Cables

To successfully set up a home network on your computer, the first thing you need to know is what materials that you need. Put together all the appropriate and fitting materials. Decide if you will be utilizing desktop computers or wireless devices. Determine if you are going to be utilizing other items such as a mouse or wireless printer. Accumulate all needed materials together berfore you start setting up the network.

Now You May Begin

You first need to install any necessary hardware devices. This will include installing the printer to the main computer by following the instructions prompted on the computer so it correctly installs. The next step is to check that every device that you will be using has an active and fully functioning internet connection. This step is not necessary unless the majority of people need to have internet access on their computers. So if this is a necessary part of your network it is important that you ensure there is a working internet connection on every device. This could aid in making the setup process all that more faster. At this point you only have to perform this on one computer. Later steps will be provided to explain and create the rest.

The Next Step

The next step you need to perform is to install all required hardware adapters on any computer that is in the network. Any network adapters you will need will be included with any of the computer purchases or network purchases. To correctly install the adapters on the computers, follow the instructions provided in the guides. Once this is done, you can start setting up the network. In the case of setting up a wireless network you must use the set up wizard on your home computer or host point. You can succeed in doing this by using the startup menu. This allows you to set up your network and connect all of the devices quickly.

Test The Network

Once the set up wizard has been run you must test the network to find out if any problems exist. Test every software and hardware access points and the internet connection. In addition to this, make sure everyone is able to use all network hardware and printer devices. This will ensure everything is working as it should and that the setup was correctly completed. It is also important that you make sure that any of the shared files and folders appear on the network. This will guarantee you are able to access any information you might require on your computer. You should be capable of accessing these files through the network folder located on your computer.

Reasons For Setting Up A Shared Network

There are many reasons which a shared network may be good. First of all, using a network in a business environment is a good way to connect all work stations and allows data to be sent quick and efficient. If there is a need to share data and information then consider setting up a home network in your office. It is also practical to utilize a shared network connection for computers stationed in the home. Pictures and music can easily be shared by using the shared folders and all family members can use one printer. This will help to save money on hardware and device purchases. If this information is important to you or you have other reasons for wanting to know this information, you now are able to setup a shared network for your computer and devices.

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