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How to Spend a Great Vacation with Vietnam Adventure Travel

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A tour of Vietnam is a great idea for an exotic vacation. The plush landscapes of Vietnam offer opportunities for adventure, cuisine, history and culture. There are many different tourist sites from the north to the south of the country. Vietnam is an agricultural country that has a laid back feel to it. Vietnam tours allow for relaxation, sun bathing, cycling, souvenir shopping and site seeing.

Travelling across Vietnam can be done by boat rides, hiking, cycling Vietnam and by luxury cruise on the country’s coastline. Different types of Vietnam tours are customized by tour companies like asian travel mate. The various small group tours are organized from one day to 8 day Vietnam tours. A memorable Vietnam adventure travel should include an experience such as the calypso cruise. The calypso cruise Halong trip is a tour overlooking the Halong bay spending a wonderful time aboard the glamorous Calypso. The tourists have a panoramic view both days and nights and have opportunity to fraternize, dine and sun bath.

Spending nights out at the bar and days out in the tropical sun is the righteous thing to do during a vacation. One can, apart from lazing away and slapping the water, make expeditions to discover inland Vietnam. By cycling Vietnam trails one can view incredible landscapes of rice paddies that are akin to Vietnam. These are Vietnam’s bread baskets found mainly in the south. Along the fertile delta, the farmers have three harvests every year. The cycling Vietnam tours cover over 250km of good road.

There are sites of the Vietnam war, to the north, that are popular to tourists. There are, in particular, elaborate underground tunnels used by Vietnamese militia when they fought US soldiers. The tunnels run a length of 200km. Depending on the package chosen for Vietnam tours, the journey may take a turn to areas with hot springs, caves, markets and other interesting places. The captivating history of Vietnam includes some centuries old architecture.

The coastline of Vietnam has exotic plants like mangroves and palms. The villagers engage in different crafts using local raw materials. One is sure to come back with some souvenirs from a Vietnam adventure travel. From hats to fabrics to ornaments and other regalia can be found in the markets. There are vast interconnection of channels in the delta area and even a floating market.

The small group tours navigate these channels and the main river by boat. The Vietnam tours package can include home stay in order to embrace the local life. This presents the opportunity to experience home cooked cuisine and listening to traditional local music. Elements such as rice paper and wholesale fruits are typical in Vietnam which is a delight to the taste buds.

A Vietnam adventure travel is ideal for honeymoons since there are idyllic beach resorts. Couples can have a memorable time at the spa, swimming pools and the beach. The Vietnam tours package can, depending on preferences, be soft adventure or hard adventure. It can include a combination of the calypso cruise and cycling Vietnam.

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