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How to Stop a Runny Nose By means of Natural Cures

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People prone to influenza or colds generally shell out a ton of money on medication to ease their symptoms. The good thing is there are cheaper substitutes for these cold and flu remedies, and you could get them in your neighborhood supermarket or even in your own yard. This list will teach you how to stop a runny nose by using typical natural herbs, spices, and other organic ingredients.


Ginger root is a popular healing plant around the world. It is able to remedy many different ailments depending on how it is prepared. Sipping tea or broth made from boiled ginger root is a widely used cold remedy and headache cure, but it can also help cure queasiness, motion sickness, stomachaches, and irritated throats.


This plant typically associated with the lovable koalas that feed on their foliage, has its own medical qualities. Eucalyptus leaves are typical ingredients in salves for wounds and allergies, or ointments for muscle pain. They might also work as a flu remedy and help stop runny nose when boiled into tea.


Myrrh is a widely used treatment for blood circulation issues in Asia, as well as an antiseptic in America. Although myrrh can’t stop runny nose, it is able to certainly ease the the signs of influenza. Gargling with a mouth wash made from myrrh lessens the discomfort that comes with sore throat and coughs.


Hyssop is a member of the mint family, and it attained popularity through being among the herbs that color green liquor like absinthe and chartreuse. What the majority of people forget about this herb is it yet another typical component in natural remedies for respiratory problems like colds, cough, and influenza.


Long before modern day antibiotics came to exist, healers used oil of thyme to clean and medicate bandages. Because of its germ killing qualities, thyme is a common ingredient in mouthwashes and hand sanitizers today. Teas made of thyme leaves can help cure coughing and aching throats, and will help stop runny nose when put to use in steam inhalation.


Borage, or starflower, is more than a beautiful plant. When taken medicinally, borage regulates metabolism and hormone imbalances, and helps in reducing the signs and symptoms of colds, influenza, bronchitis, and respiratory infections.


Echinacea, popularly known as purple coneflower, can help you recover from colds or influenza faster. It also decreases the symptoms typically associated with influenza, including severe headaches, cough, sleepiness, and body pains. Echinacea enhances your immunity to common colds; several studies show it is able to decrease your chances of getting a cold by 50 percent.

Understanding how to stop a runny nose by using herbal treatments does not mean you should stop visiting a medical professional. A few cures might not generate the desired outcomes, especially if you are allergic to them or if your disease is brought on by something besides the common cold or flu virus. In the event your symptoms continue or get worse, stop taking your natural remedies and talk to a licensed medical professional straight away.

Tegan Watson is a botanist who knows which plants can stop runny nose, and may teach others how to stop a runny nose.


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