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How To Transform Walkaways Into Customers

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Imagine you are celebrating a special occasion at a fancy restaurant that happens not to take reservations in advance. Your party of 10 shows up only to find a thick crowd of people waiting to be seated. A quick scan of the premises estimates your waiting time to be an hour. It puts you off and you decide to leave for another diner. If you are the owner of the restaurant, you have just lost 10 customers. If you have used a guest paging system where waiting guests are allocated beepers and pagers, they are free to roam around outside the premises and would not clutter the waiting area.

Vemcall has developed a state-of-the-art paging system called Scandinavia25. It consists of a tower storage device which doubles as a charger, and individual coaster pagers that are small enough to fit into the hand. All components are Danish designed and visually appealing. It gives customers the impression your business has great taste in choice of design and has updated technology. With coaster pagers in hand, customers are given a waiting time estimate and free to roam outside the premises, shop in the mall or do something creative with their waiting time, and not have to wait next to the greeter podium to be called.

To reap benefits of the Vemcall guest paging system, you have the option to install the fully-compatible Vemcount Peoplecounter software that will remotely report statistics based on the Vemcall Scandinavia25 usage. How long have customers been waiting, was it because it was an exceptionally busy day or was it because of slow service? Data and reporting can be custom integrated into your existing staff management software for strategic decision making, such as to hire more staff, re-train staff, or open more tables.

Many modern establishments already have beepers and pagers for waiting customers but few have acquired newer technology of a people counting software. The Vemcount software provides an accurate waiting time based on past user data, which management can figure out how to shorten waiting time, while guest paging systems without the software can only get estimates.

The bottom line is customers do not like to wait. They would love dining at premises where they get served quickly, and are highly likely to return. Guests who have been put off by too many others waiting in line, who have walked away, are unlikely to return. Don’t let them walk away, turn them into dining customers today.

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