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How to Use Adobe Acrobat X Pro to Merge PDFs

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There are various reasons why you may want to create and merge PDF files. You may want to cut down on folder clutter or speedily send a single attachment, you want to access and printing purposes for ease, or you want to combine all the PDF files for convenient management. Whatever reasons you have, you have the need to merge PDF files into a single one.
In order to merge multiple PDF files into one larger PDF file, you must have Adobe Acrobat (Standard or Professional), for editing PDF files, installed on your computer. This program is not the same as Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader is only able to read/view PDFs and Acrobat X Pro can edit, convert, scan, export PDF. If you want to create a PDF file, you can just use the Open Office Writer Program to create PDF files directly or PDF Creator freeware to create PDF from other files. Let us see how to merge PDF files to be easily printed.
If you already have a licensed edition of Adobe Acrobat X Pro, merging document is easy. Adobe Acrobat X is the newest version of the leading software for creating, reading, and managing PDF documents, and it’s massively improved. To merge documents, first you have to collect all the files that you want to integrate together in one folder. To collate all the documents together, open the first file, with which you want the merged document to start. Then choose the ‘combine files’ option to begin integration.

Firstly, you will be asked to choose or add files that you want to be merged together. Then you will be asked to order them in the proper sequence in which you want them to be joined. Lastly, you will have to choose the file size that you want the document to have. Once the file size has been chosen, your merging procedure is complete. The file will be created in merged form, in the specified folder of your choice.
Furthermore, if you want to convert the merged PDF into a HTML file (HTML to PDF for Mac software, click here.), Adobe Acrobat X Pro also enables you to do that. First open the merged PDF with Adobe Acrobat X Pro, File—Save As—More Options—HTML. So you can get the PDF files merged into one HTML website. Now you can go to check and open the file on your computer, just like reading a HTML ebook.
A PDF file is very helpful for printing and sharing information on different platforms includes Windows, Mac, Linux and PDF can be easily send as an attachment in an email via Internet. However, PDF can’t be easily edited and modified. Adobe Acrobat X Pro has also provides you editing PDF function. But if you want to edit a PDF on Mac, I would like to recommend you’d better to convert PDF to Word on Mac, as it is well known that Word is mainly used for being editing documents.
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