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How to Wear skate shoes Fashionable

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GoodLandShoes The image oftraditional sports skate shoes mainly and skateboards take collocation. Loose t-shirts or large size dress is skate shoes the best partner; it can let you in sports aplomb. But such classic style is not necessarily for everyone. Short legs, the best of the buttock big consciously out.

ClassiccowboystyleT-Shirt, skate shoes, jeans, always is the most common US street costume. Or loose, or tight T-Shirt, basic type of low-rise jeans match on white canvas skate shoes, look be like simple collocation but conceals many the place of detail. One of the most notable It is that with the jeans with skate shoes.

Leg too small pencil type had better choose the low upper skate shoes, let a leg was sitting right on the upper, this just good; And straight canister is choose high upper skate shoes, whether leg down or rolled up can make a hip and optional effect.The diagonal lines and fasten shoelace1Through thefirstholein itto play a singleknot,the other end from the inside outthrough theleftthirdhole;2Shoelacesto wearfrom therightinto thesecond hole;3Completewithbluelaceknotlooks like slash;4Inopposite directionwitha whiteshoelaceknotresort toslash;5. With blue shoelaces of the method of the same;6. Blue, white shoes from the tongue of the part of the final hole out;7Somewearfrom thetongueout of the way;8. Is it that in a little easier for more beautiful


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