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How To Write An Excellent Article With Zero Preparation

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A lot of people struggle with article writing. They worry that what they write might not be good enough. They worry they won’t have anything interesting to say. Sometimes, they just can’t collect together the motivation that they need to sit down and write the article. All of these excuses are pointless. You need to be writing articles as a part of your business if you want to succeed. I’m going to share with you write now three ways you can get yourself instantly prepared to write articles which are of high quality and require zero preparation time.
First of all, you just need to come up with an interesting title about something you know. I’ll give you some examples of how I work. I write mainly about internet marketing and blogging. The reasons for this are simple. These are types of sites I’m trying to promote and this where most of my online expertise lies. Within any particular area, there are literally hundreds of titles ready and waiting for you. If you’re not sure, just use the title selection tool available from most article sites. That will save you having to even think up ideas and give you a range of interesting options to choose from.
Next, you need to make sure that you understand the best articles structures for getting results.I’ve found that the method that works best to me is to follow a simple model. I might vary this occasionally, but the model I’m going to suggest is more than good enough to let you pass valuable information across and to show your expertise. All you need to do is to think of your article as being in five chunks, each of 80 to 100 words long. The first chunk introduces the problem and tells people why they should read the rest of the article. The final chunk summarises everything up and usually adds some motivating comments in between.
This leaves the three paragraphs in the middle, and this is where your main content needs to go. You need to think of this as making three interesting points that are closely related to the topic of the article. Simply run through these straight onto paper without thinking about each of these points for too long. These can either be three different points, perhaps three comparisons. Or it be a sequence of three points that follow on from each other, such as a process.
If you follow this model you end up with an article of between 400 and 500 words long, which is an ideal length for an article. Not sure how long your article is? That’s easy. Use on the latest versions of Microsoft Word which displays the word count in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. That shows you if you’re near your target. Another hint. With the default Microsoft Word settings, your article should take up three quarters of the page, or just over. If you can follow these tactics you can turn out valuable articles on topics that you know about with zero preparation time.

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