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How to Write Letter of support,Sample Letters of support

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If an organization is providing financial support to subsidiary organization, letter of support plays a lead role.

It is documented that the parent organization is going to provide financial support to the subsidiary organization that is in crucial stage as far as finances are concerned. You will come across the useful information about this type of business letter and about how to write letter of support etc.



If any project is going to be executed in collaboration with another organization, then letter of support is a document that is important when you are putting the joint proposal.


The letter emphasizes that both the organizations/institutions etc. are willing to undertake the project jointly. It provides the creditability value to the letter.

You can refer sample business letter and you can draft the letter of support on your own. Follow the simple tips mentioned below:

• Specify the kind of contribution the parent organization is going to provide
• You should write your collaborator’s view
• Assure that the partner organizations will fulfill the requests
• Express the willingness and enthusiasm towards work
The letter of support resolves the purposes such as it contains all the necessary information. The realistic expectations are put up properly on paper. So each party is clear about the contribution or the tasks they have to put.
Layout of the Letter of Support
First Paragraph: Restrict it up to maximum 4 sentences. Mention about the project name and convey the interest to act as a collaborator for that project.
Body of Letter: Write about the tasks, the possible role of the collaborators to execute the project. Write details such as their track record, previous experience in the same field etc. If it is the second project of the same venture, mention it as it emphasizes a productive partnership.
Concluding Paragraph: Conclude the letter in a pleasing way. Include the contact information and welcome the organization if they have some queries.
This is not a routine business correspondence but one should be acquainted about how to write the letter of support.

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