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How You can Make Sense Out of Google Panda’s “Minor” Update

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It all began with an update.

“Tiny weather report: Minor Panda algorithm data refresh (affects less than 1% of searches).”

With the aforesaid Panda update, Google has discovered a method to react to people’s grievances about how they bring in the newest update. Now, even if it sounds meaningless or merely a part of another major update, Google composes it on their blog site, or if not, declare it through Twitter. Anyhow, they stated it right here:

“Our goal is simple: to give people the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible. This requires constant tuning of our algorithms, as new content–both good and bad–comes online all the time.”

Google also mentioned that what they wish is to make it possible for individuals find out what is happening to their site. This is a great matter for tech authors, bloggers, web page owners, search engine specialists, and SEO reseller packages and program makers. At least they have an idea exactly what Google is thinking about, or what it has just carried out.

Yet, updates are only mere updates if they lack have no thorough and detailed description. What could “Minor Panda algorithm data refresh (affects less than 1 % of searches)” do to end users, especially the non-techy ones, if they’re not comfortable with tech slang? How would a normal web page proprietor, let’s say an garment supplier online, understand such an update? What is “1 % of searchers” to them in any case?

The minor update isn’t minor after all, website operators agree

And yet, this “minor” issue seems a “big” update to other individuals. Try Googling “Panda 2.5.2 Update” and you will see exactly how aggravated some web page managers are because of that announcement. Some complained concerning a fall in rankings; the majority of them dropped 60% of it. Blog commenters call it a nuisance; some identified it as “One more Google problem”. You can explore complaints over at the WebMasterWorld and HighRankings Forums. Or if you still wish to seek more, Google and Bing it for yourself.

Former Panda Updates Brought Together By Search Engine Land
1. Panda Update 1.0: Feb. 24, 2011
2. Panda Update 2.0: April 11, 2011
3. Panda Update 2.1: May 10, 2011
4. Panda Update 2.2: June 16, 2011
5. Panda Update 2.3: July 23, 2011
6. Panda Update 2.4: August 12, 2011
7. Panda Update 2.5: September 28, 2011

But if one wishes to get hang of Google’s methods and how they operate, whether he/she is just a beginner search engine optimization practitioner and fan or an oldie one, then he/she should start following Google’s blogs. Reading blogs regarding Search Engine Optimization and anything about Web ventures and internet advertising are also beneficial.


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