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How You Can Start With iPhone Development?

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Even with over 500,000 apps on the Apple’s App Store, the requirement of tailored apps is still at its peak stage. On the other hand, for most the individuals, companies and developers, developing the iPhone and iPad apps have become the happening thing to do these days. Obviously the rewards, the success, and the mass number of users make it an exciting and rewarding career, as well as a hobby.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to develop iPhone apps for ones those who is with little or no computer programming knowledge as it requires tremendous programming skills and experience.


If you want to build your career as a iPhone app developer and programmer, are willing to make the long-term commitment and are interested to start with iPhone development, below are the four major steps that you should consider that will help you to teach yourself on how to develop iPhone apps.


Phase 1: Knowledge over Computers

Before starting with iPhone development you need to have a strong familiarization over how the computer performs at the central level. It will help you enormously on every phase if you have the knowledge over the programming and developing understanding over various programming languages, frameworks & server database. You should also have the knowledge over computer mathematics, and various other skills such as knowledge over various mobile, Microsoft and mobile technologies. You don’t have to do a PhD, but a complete knowledge of all these subjects is very important.


Phase 2: Master Cocoa Touch and the iOS SDK

Apple’s Mac OS X and above are based on Apple’s programming language called Cocoa. Most of their applications built for Apple’s computers are developed with the help of this language. Besides, this language is based on Objective-C programming language. Apple has developed a very similar platform for their mobile iOS applications called Cocoa-Touch.This is the language in which development of iPhone apps is carried on. When you decide to master iPhone development process, it is important that you learn that how to code within Cocoa Touch environment. Besides, it is also important that you should also have the vast knowledge over Objective-C programming, along with Cocoa Touch.


Phase 3: Master Objective-C Programming

Before mastering Objective-C programming it is important to learn the language C, as Objective-C is the object driven version of the C programming. All of the iOS applications are built on Objective-C programming. The language is considered as the most powerful and stable programming language, however at the same time it is not one of the most simple or easy to learn language. Try searching for a superior quality Objective-C book and invest quality time in learning this language. Many amateur iPhone app developers find the learning of language a boring task and want’s to move quickly towards the more fascinating programs. However, one cannot develop an app with limited knowledge of Objective-C.


Phase 4: Enrol in the Apple Developer Program

Finally, once you’ve gained the skilled and mastered all the programming languages, it is time for you to enrol in the Apple Developer Program. It will allow you to test and submit your app to the Apple’s App Store. Though the program costs $99/ year at the current stage, but seeing your next best-selling app on the Apple App Store for the first time is priceless.

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