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How You Should Utilize And Take Care Of Your Garbage Disposal Unit

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One thing which makes domestic jobs a lot easier is the garbage disposal in you kitchen area. It is an appliance mounted on your sink that crushes waste which runs on an electric motor. Having said that, garbage disposals are being used so frequently in a home that they’re certain to get stuffed or clogged at one point in time.

If not used or looked after appropriately, a garbage disposal will certainly fail, clog up and block the drains, causing a long list of costly plumbing related bad dreams or even nightmares. Include that to the fact that garbage disposals are normally attached to the kitchen sink. If this is the setup you’ve got in your property, this will be reason enough to not keep it damaged for long. As soon as your garbage disposal gets stuffed, have a professional plumber in your area of Denver take a look at it immediately.

Thankfully, should you do your part in the correct caring and maintenance of your garbage disposal, such improvements won’t be essential. The old proverb, “Treat it well and it will treat you well in return” absolutely applies in cases like this. Below is a listing of do’s and don’ts in dealing with your garbage disposal.


Keep the garbage disposal clear by pouring some dish soap inside it and run it for 60 seconds or so with cold water. The cleansing soap will lubricate the parts while the cold water will congeal any grease or oils so they can be quicker to wash away. This will reduce rust and corrosion from developing and obstructions from building up. Do this regularly.

Denver plumbers recommend household owners to cut big waste items into lesser pieces. It is vital that you put them in one at a time instead of shoving an abundance in at once. Additionally, you’ll need to pre-grind certain tricky materials like bone fragments, plant seeds, etc. These things, when pre-ground, create a scouring action that will clear the wall of your garbage disposal.


Don’t put tough, sturdy items like vinyl or metal into your garbage disposal. You also shouldn’t put in cigarette butts and other flammable items. Although it may seem like a good idea to use very hot water when washing the unit, Denver plumbing professionals show that this will only cause fat to liquefy and accumulate, and this might lead to constricting in your drainpipes.

Being the largest city in the Centennial State, the Queen City of the Plains has many local plumbers that can fix your ruined garbage disposal for you. Numerous plumbers in Queen City of the West are not certified, though. Guard yourself by finding a Denver plumber registered with both the State of Colorado and City of Denver. Find out more on garbage disposal at


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