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Hypnotherapy in London

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If you suffer from fears or phobias, want to loose weight, stop smoking or re-gain your confidence then Hypnotherapy in London is the way to go. Therapy in hypnotic state means your unconscious part of mind will be accessed directly without going through your analytical self and your belief system.

More and more people start looking for alternative ways to overcome their problems with alcoholism or smoking addictions, depression, low self-confidence, bad eating habits, panic attacks, etc. Hypnosis opens up completely new possibilities to use inner power of the mind to get to the root cause of the issues and get rid of limitations. Thanks to hypnotherapy it is now possible to access different levels of the mind and extend its capability of self healing or simply find solutions to previously unsolvable problems.

Hypnosis is often mistaken with sleep but in fact these two are not the same. Hypnosis is a state of total relaxation when you can still hear everything and can emerge from it almost instantly. A person in hypnotic trance is much more susceptible to suggestions given by the hypnotist and these suggestions go straight to the subconscious.

Skilled hypnotherapist can access resources almost completely unreachable with the use of other methods. According to many studies in several areas hypnotherapy provides much faster and much longer lasting effects than a standard talking therapy or medications. It is also practically free from side-effects. Hypnotherapy has a very long proven record of being an extremely successful mechanism for removing phobias as well as fighting addictions, irrespectively if it is cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. But hypnotherapy has much wider use. It can be employed to help with weight management, compulsive disorders, panic attacks, self esteem issues, sleep problems, IBS, depression and many other psychosomatic disorders.

If you are looking for hypnotherapy in London you will find many practices offering various treatment programmes. Their approach may differ, so can their fee structure. If you happen to live in South West London then hypnotherapy in Richmond seems to be a safe bet.

Choose your therapist wisely and make sure they have knowledge of the latest techniques. Although hypnosis was known for centuries the most effective therapeutic ways have been developed fairly recently.





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