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I know we’ve talked about some fall Louis Vuitton already

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I know we’ve talked about some fall Louis Vuitton already, but the thing is pre-fall collections are now everywhere, and they’re totally gorgeous! How can we ever be able to reject Beauty? Never! So that’s why in this hot happy summer days, I’m here talking about dark elegant fall bags. This Burberry Langley Shoulder bag would never let you down, with a simple but elegant silhouette made of fine leather. Pre-Fall so many bags, so little funding. But at the very least I can gush about these upcoming beauties to the general public. The luxurious mocha leather of the Burberry Langley Shoulder bag is a fabulous option for chilly fall days and the simple hobo shape is roomy and functional. You’ll have plenty of Replica Handbags space both to fit everything in there and dig around looking for it. The belt around the top cinches the purse just a tiny bit, which I like because it makes me feel like the hobo needs help keeping its pants up. The soft brass of the buckle looks lovely up against the deep brown leather.

I really love these roomy simple hobos, and love them more with a Burberry label, BTW, I love their classic plaid bags Replica Watches too. The bag is now available at Neiman Marcus for $895. Guess the fashion is indeed always ahead of time, we saw an adorable fall bag yesterday, and “Bang!” we saw another nice fall bag today, it looks like the fashion world is really busy to get us prepared for the following season, although we’re really enjoying summer now! Anyway, this is really a nice bag we have to check out: the Michael Kors Tonne Hobo.

The seriously skewed fashion seasons can be a bit inconvenient at times like if you were late buying a swimsuit and now only fugly ones are left. But the upside is that we can start shopping for fall bags Christian Louboutin in the middle of summer. The calfskin of this Michael Kors Tonne Hobo is a rich red that is both a fab color for fall and reminiscent of crisp fall apple. My favorite feature is the twisted strap – it’s thick, bold, and not something you see everyday. A slimmer handle would have looked measly next to the heft of the satchel.

Available at Neiman Marcus for just $795. I totally love the rich red color, and the twisted strap really is something different, unique and quite eye-catching, and this is obviously a practical carry-all too, convenient and beautiful! Ready for fall yet? Me either, but that doesn’t mean I’m not keeping an eye on the upcoming months’hottest Christian Louboutin looks. While I’m not one for brazen sequins that outshine the rest of my outfit, I have to give credit to Marc Jacobs for his Tweed Single Sequin Crossbody Bag. A touch of the sparkly stuff lends the street-smart style just enough glamour to elevate its potential. Crossbody styles are so everyday-appropriate that they can be worn nearly anywhere, and while you won’t wear Tiffany Jewelry this with say, cargo pants and a wifebeater I hope not at least, you could pull it off with sleek trousers and a slinky blouse and look like a mil.


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