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I love the Shakti Mat

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I have to say that I love the Shakti mat! It is amazing and so useful for the back in my experience. The first time that my friend asked me to lie on it he didn’t think I could last 2 minutes. I admit it was quite a powerful feeling at first. It took me quite a while to rest completely out and all I could do the first time was about 5 minutes.

The Shakti mat is an acupressure device that helps stimulate the many points that are on the back of the body. In the Meridian system the Governing vessel, Bladder channel and Small Intestine are some of the main meridians that are on the back. These points are stimulated by the Shakti mats plastic pieces that have a sharp point. The pieces are sharp but not to strong that they would puncture you. It may feel like it will but it won’t.
Here is what the Shakti mat’s instructions say

Is it painful to use the Shakti Mat? During first few minutes it’s common to feel a pricking warm sensation on the areas being affected. But all pain or discomfort is quickly replaced by a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

For how long and how often can I lie on the Shakti Mat?

We suggest that you start with 15 minutes. When more accustomed to
the Shakti mat 20-40 minutes per session is standard. However, it is not
dangerous to exceed the time limit. Many people fall asleep on the mat
and that is perfectly safe. We recommend regular, if possible daily use.

For me that’s pretty much how it has gone. I had to do a lot of deep breathing and relaxing into the mat to be able to stay there. I finally was able to do about 15 minutes and felt like I did make an accomplishment. When I as able to stay longer something interesting happened. I was on it on the middle of my back for about 20 minutes and that’s when it happened.

I became very relaxed and all of a sudden my thighs started to shudder. My lower back started to relax and all over my body in several tense spots they began to melt. My legs quivered as the mat did its magic and I became entranced in the new sensations that the mat produced.

The Shakti Mat did wonders for me after I was able to give it a chance. It didn’t work right away for me. In fact I tried to use it a couple times without success. I laid down on it and it wasn’t able to make it very long. In fact not long at all only for a few minutes and had to give up.

I’ve found that if I am able to rest my neck evenly with a pillow and lay down once evenly on the mat I am able to relax evenly. After repetitive try’s I have been able to relax on the mat more evenly.
So if you want to relax I suggest giving the Shakti Mat a try.

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Dustin Slade, Acupuncturist
Online Business and Marketing Coach


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