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I love You More

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He tells her again, “No, I love you more.” She responds to him, “No, I love you more.” The feeling of love is clearly seen growing in him and on him as he hears the words again. He has these dreamy eyes that are supposed to send a message of love out. He is seen staring at the screen and tears start forming on his eyes. It is not truly apparent yet whether the tears are tears of joy or of sorrow yet. The funny image shows him in speech, with the tears welling up in him that he would probably not be articulate enough the feelings in his heart of hearts. All he can tell her is, “No, I love you more.”

The  funny pictures  shows a man sitting on his computer. He is chatting online with a lady and he is clearly in love with her. He is so smitten and deep in love with her. The conversation ensues and as they are conversing, his pupils dilated out of love, he starts telling her, “I love you.” She responds with the words, “No, I love you more” His eyes are closed, at first and a smile on his  funny pictures  as he hears those words from her. He repeats to her, “No, I love you more.” He is so happy and his eyes can show the smile and happiness that he has as he says the words to her at this moment.

On the screen that the man is looking at is different translations of the words, “No, I love you more.” There is a translation that is in English, the second translation is in Korean, whereas the third translation is in Croatian. There is a button on the screen, acting as a prompt, for him to press and hear that statement again. The man listens to the translations as they play, telling him the same statement that he had been listening to.

He finally blurts out that he loves her. His face looks really funny. The  funny pictures images   shows his face is as red as blood with anger; the veins on his face are truly expression of the pain that he is going through. His teeth are all out in his attempt to get his message across to her and also to the whole world. He raises his hands in protest and indignation as he expresses himself out. This time there is a lot of hurt that he shows in the way he is speaking. The smile is nowhere to be seen and the dilated pupils from being love-struck are clearly a thing that had to remain in the past. This time his eyes are squinted in protest at the frustrating voice on the monitor screen. He seems to have heard about the amounts that he stands up to listen to that statement over and over again. He is not happy at all and he simply is almost looking deranged. This is definitely from the fact that the statement was clearly repeated all too many times.


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  • Posted On May 9, 2012
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