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I obey Hu Jia expressed willingness to me before ,he once again hope its advocates of family support network

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 China  petitioners  groups  ,is a typical  representative  .Therefore  ,I  obey Hu Jia  expressed  willingness  to me before  ,he once again  hope  its  advocates  of family support  network  ,in the present  to do  more  work,  I  decided to put  Hu Jia  50000 euro bonus  to donate  as the capital that start  ,was established to support  activists  family  foundation  ,committed to alleviating  Activists  families  suffering  .Support each other  ,to tide over the difficulties  .Hu Jia  was sentenced to jail  ,there have been media  friend asked me  :Hu Jia  what was actually done  ,led to him being  sentenced to prison  ?I thought for a moment  ,replied  :if he  really  did  important work  ,that is he  to  tell the truth  .Is  the  Chinese  ,there are many excellent  predecessors  ,in environmental protection  ,AIDS  ,human rights areas  and six four  disabled  ,bereaved  relief  has invested  a lot of time and energy  ,do  extraordinary work  ,a large number of  vulnerable groups  benefit  .Hu Jia is not a  saint  ,he is  with <a href=””>Jordan 3</a> a  childlike  innocence  it  concerns the  heart  ,what one sees and hears  him  truthfully  say  ,and  selfless  dauntless  into  his  every work  . In 2001  ,when the  AIDS epidemic in China  is still a  taboo  topic,  when the AIDS epidemic  is &amp;quot  ;state secrets  &amp;quot  ;time,  risked being  chased by police  risk  ,he  send  clothes  to AIDS  in rural areas,  to visit the  despair in the  illness  ,promote the  salvage  and treatment  of external  work  .And  truthfully  say  AIDS  ,patients and their families  suffering  ,say  many farmer  for  1980  ,1990 time  to sell blood  HIV infection in  fact  ,say  that  public health  policy mistakes  in the background.  Along with the social  work in-depth and  object  expansion  ,he was exposed to  more  harsh <a href=””>New Jordans</a> reality  ,Hu Jia  could not see  social injustice  ,once again  called on the public,  promote the  public attention.  And in  2004,  he became more and more  long time  to  be  kidnapping  missing or  put under house arrest  .Loss of freedom  Hu Jia  ,the most  important thing  ,maybe  is the  timely  loudly say  what he  knew  every  truth  .In an  empire of lies  ,timely  ,speak  the truth  ,requires great courage  ,as  unexpected  pressure  even  pay a heavy price  .The truth  is more  scarce  ,the truth  is more  important.  Don  tell the truth  ,we lost  the pure  blood  ,AIDS  ,hepatitis  and other  infectious diseases  ,SARS  continues in the  opaque  state  capture  people  life  ;we have lost  the clean land  and water  ,the state-owned  ,private  ,international  the company  factories continue to  pollute the human  and  animal and plant    ;we  lost a child  ,melamine  milk  eggs and other  toxic food  continue to hurt  people  so that the next generation of  more fragile  ;we lost  My parents  ,they are either  too old  to continue  being held in  the camp  ,were either  changed his name  is held  to a psychiatric hospital  ;we  have lost their homes  ,bean curd dregs  with  small  high-rise  ,man-made  disaster big  big  natural disaster  ,extremely brutal  ;we lose  faith  ,similar  to survive  ,to the profit  of slavery  ,numerous &amp;quot  ;black  workers in &amp;quot  ;still missing  ;we  lost happiness  ,miscarriages of justice  ,Air Jordan Pas Cher,social injustice  ,descendants of the dragon  was  in  no sense of security  ,jittery  ,grief and  suffering of the helpless  .This is  our pursuit of the  &amp;quot  ;&amp;quot  &amp;quot  &amp;quot  ;harmony  ;stability  ;life?  We need and  can live a  wonderful life  .Hu Jia  rights  ,begins  his nature.  Born as a human  ,natural rights  and freedom  is sacred and inviolable.  Human rights  ,is  the preservation of human dignity  ,to abandon all  of  human slavery  ,torture  ,degrading the  cruel  treatment  ,fear and want  .Rights  ,from maintaining their  right to know  ,freedom of  thought  ,Air Jordan IV,freedom from  fear  to  express themselves.  Although  suffered repeated  pressing  against  Hu Jia  ,do not fear  ;while  in prison  ,after suffering,  Hu Jia  for the future of China  is still full of  optimism and confidence.  We  met  in  prison  ,Hu Jia once <a href=””>New Jordans shoes</a> said  :I  I hope he is  the last of China  because character  won  the man of sin,  I don  want anyone  to say  again  because of  his views  lost freedom.  But the reality  is still not  happy  ,Hu Jia  went to jail,  less than half the time  ,Ceng Hongling  ,Chen Dao  ,Huang Qi and others  is the same as  the army  of speech  are held  ,our  sentence  .Eager  Chinese  will soon  return to normal  social  democracy  ,rule of law  ,freedom  ,become  home  ,with a positive  ,peaceful  ,responsible  attitude in the international  field of vision.  This goal  is not far away  ,but the  needs of all people  ,whether  in  domestic or overseas  ,is honest  to  tell the truth  ,Air Jordan XIII  at any time into the investigation The morning exercises work.,face a real  China  to think  ,solve the problem  ;we need to  actively  defend their own rights  ,thus promoting the  civil rights movement  and  the process of the rule of law  ,can  all  enjoy freedom of expression  ,freedom of worship,  freedom from want  ,freedom from fear  can  live in  a peaceful place  .On behalf of my husband  Hu Jia  ,once again  to the European  Parliament  thank you  .To the  Sakharov prize for freedom of thought  all previous  winners  ,to promote  human rights  ,improve the human rights  of the brave  !Hu Jiazhi  :Ceng Jinyan    November 22, 2008  (more than for the  text version of the  Acknowledgements  ,following the  video  version of  speech  captions  video frequency address


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