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I visit the local library I look for recent releases

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I’m also a big fan of knowledge and practice, as my main publisher said to me in his first email: “you’ve obviously done this before”. Another publisher recently noted in an email to me: “someone who understands <a href=”” title=”purple opi nail polish”>purple opi nail polish</a>  a lot about picture book structure”.So, to reiterate, my advice is: Join writers’ groups. Local and/or online writers’ groups. By joining writers’ groups you hope to network, learn about the publishing world, obtain feedback on your work and make friends with similar interests. Read a lot of recent children’s books. Take notice of what you <a href=”” title=”orange opi nail polish”>orange opi nail polish</a>  like and what seems to work. Study the writing. You’re reading for research first, pleasure second.When I visit the local library I look for recent releases. It’s important to keep up with the market and what’s being published. If you’re writing a book about a comet hurtling towards Earth and a book with a <a href=”” title=”cheap opi nail polish”>cheap opi nail polish</a>  similar storyline has been published in the last year, your story is unlikely to be published, no matter <a href=”” title=”pink opi nail polish”>pink opi nail polish</a>  how good it is.Read a lot of books about writing for children. It can help to read books about writing in general. But children’s books are a specialised field. For example, you need to know the different types of children’s books for the various age groups – the word lengths, language, style etc.Write the type of children’s books you enjoy the most. Write every day if possible. Practice makes you a better writer. Practice/repetition is how we learn and master tasks.



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