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I’m absolutely acquainted that there are abounding added amazing cosplay photographers

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While we weren’t able to appear Anime Expo this year, we were absolutely there in spirit. There are so abounding amazing cosplay photographers (and cosplayers) down in Southern California, a baby accumulation of whom I’ve alone met at added conventions such as Fanimebleach cosplay, I capital to allotment and advertise the amazing plan of just a few that went to Anime Expo this year. And that’s aswell not to say that there aren’t any accomplished and appropriately amazing cosplay photographers up North and I’ve aswell included a few in this account as well. Aswell I capital to accomplish this column as generally times the photographers rarely get abundant credit. The cosplayers absolutely did a lot of amazing plan in putting calm their costume, but these cosplay photographers accept aswell spent hours during the shoots and afterwards the shoots to absolutely do anniversary apparel and appearance justice.

I’m absolutely acquainted that there are abounding added amazing cosplay photographers that aswell did photoshoots at Anime Expo and while we would adulation to affection anybody here, there just isn’t abundant space. But if it’s any consolation, if we accomplish a column for next year’s Anime Expo, it’ll be a altered accumulation of cosplay photographers for fairness

This was my third year accessory banana book assemblage WonderCon and every year, the admeasurement of the crowds abide to abound with appearance now at about 40,000 people! The aboriginal aloft Northern California assemblage of the year, WonderCon is a three-day accident that starts on Fridaycheap bleach cosplay and concludes on Sunday with a amount of activities such as bedfellow speakers, the growing Dealer’s Hall, abundant console discussion, celebrity attendees, and aloft all, my admired part, the apparel wearers (otherwise accepted as cosplayers). You can apprehend added a out the history of WonderCon on this website.


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