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Imagining your fantasy hot tub cover

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What’s with hot tub cover manufacturers, anyway? Most of them cover their covers with their corporate logo. Yuck. Who wants a corporate logo billboard sticking up amid the tulips and clematis? What if you could design your own hot tub cover to reflect your unique character and make a personal statement – your fantasy hot tub cover?

Most companies selling hot tub covers want to sell you free advertising – free advertising for their covers on your cover. But wouldn’t it be more fun if the hot tub cover decorating your yard reflected your personality rather than theirs?

Here are a few fantasy hot tub cover ideas to fire your imagination. In this day and age, anything id possible, and maybe someday soon you will own something very similar.

How about an optical illusion? Imagine printing the inside of a hot tub right on the cover, so that when your guests look at the hot tub…they don’t even see the cover? The image could show the tub empty. Or it could show bubbles or even steam. Or just calm water. Ideal for April Fools or other pranks (especially if you make your guests remove their glasses BEFORE they pass through the patio doors).

A polar bear. This is the ideal design for Canada, in fact. The polar bear is a symbol of strength, able to rip human flesh from the bone in just a few seconds flat, one of the strongest animals in the world. And the polar bear is a symbol of Canada’s frigid Arctic weather. What hardy Canadian doesn’t fancy himself the very image of strength and endurance in the face of a cold Canadian winter’s deep freeze? Especially while relaxing in the comfort of a backyard hot tub?

Super Mario or Lara Croft. Yes, everybody’s favourite video game heroes could come to life right on your hot tub cover. This is the ideal design for gamers and geeks who know better than to bring electrical devices into their hot tubs with them, yet don’t ever want to be parted from their idols. If your hot tub is round, you might as well make it Pacman. He’ll fit just perfectly. You can check out the %LINK2 to see which one fits your hot tub.

Poseidon. Ruler of the water. Put his logo on your hot tub cover to make your spa his seat of power in your world. You might never own a palace. You might never rule an empire, but you have Poseidon’s thrown for a spa. Doesn’t that make you special?

A black hole. OK, so we cheated here. A black hole is basically just black. Just a blank spa cover. But you can invite over your Trekkie friends and tell them it’s a black hole. See?… you can be creative and lazy at the same time.

Why not make the art you print on your hot tub cover from art? You could print one of the world’s two most famous paintings – the Mona Lisa and the Sistine Chapel. Just stay away from American Gothic (pointy pitchfork – might poke a hole in your spa cover).

Or you might choose a work by a famous Canadian artist. There are so many to choose from:

Lawren Harris

A.J. Casson

Cornelius Krieghoff

Emily Carr

Tom Thompson

Jean-Paul Riopelle

… just to name a few. Imagine how shocked your friends will be when they discover you got culture that doesn’t come from yogurt.

Finally, how about a flower garden? This is one of the brightest ideas yet, because a flower garden image can blend in so well with your flower garden. In fact, there are some definite advantages to printing flower images on your hot tub cover:

1. It’s very colourful.

2. It makes great camouflage. “Hot tub? What hot tub? I don’t see any hot tub – do you see a hot tub?”

3. You can “plant” a seamless flower garden, where the hot tub blends in harmoniously without disturbing the natural flow of your garden.

4. You can “grow” species that would not normally survive in your climate…especially in the harsh climate of Canada.

Those are just a few of our fantasy hot tub cover ideas we offer for your consideration. What is your fantasy hot tub cover? Please share your ideas with us. You never know – someday one of them just might come true.

The writer is David Leonhardt, imagining a few fantasies for Hot Tub Covers Canada. They also offer a selection of hot tub accessories to make your life easier.


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