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Importance of Gemstones according to Vedic Astrology

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Gemstones have been quite popular since ancient times. Rich and affluent flaunted their richness by wearing precious Gemstones and many people wore them to garner their benefic effects, as suggested by Vedic astrology. It is believed that specific gemstones influence specific planets and the wearer gets the effects of the concerned planet. For example, if someone wears Ruby then he can get the positive effects of Sun, the specific planet for ruby. It was after years of research that ancient Indian seers established the exact mapping of the planet and corresponding gemstone. Ruby is the gemstone that represents Sun similarly, pearl is for Moon, red coral is for Mars, Emerald is for Mercury, Yellow Sapphire is for Jupiter, Diamond is for Venus, Blue sapphire is for Saturn, Hessonite Garnet is for Rahu and Cat’s Eye is for Ketu. It is believed that these gemstones absorb the positive vibrations and dissipated energy from these planets and transfer them to our body, mind and soul. A right gemstone can do wonders in our lives. Most of these gemstones are quite costly and beyond the reach of average earning person. However, these precious gemstones have their cheaper substitutes that are almost equally effective. Let us consider some of the cheaper alternatives to the precious gemstones. Artificial pearl is a good substitute for moon similarly, Red Spinel is for Sun, Carnelian is for Mars, Topaz is for Jupiter, white Zircon is for Venus, Amethyst or Tanzanite are for Saturn, Orange Zircon or Spessartite Garnet are for Rahu. One should not wear the gemstone according to his whims and fancies, as it can be counter-effective. Additionally, there are several combinations of Gemstones that do not go well with each other and this can infuse negative and harmful effects on the wearer. Many times, people wear defective gemstones and they do not follow the proper procedure as prescribed in the Vedic Astrology. One must take the consultancy of an able Vedic Astrologer who prescribes a gemstone only after reading the horoscope thoroughly. He can also suggest the exact procedure of wearing the gemstone. He can also suggest the weight of the stone for gaining the positive results. In absence of the proper advice, the wearer can only be happy from the glitz of the gemstone but a prescribed gemstone can help him to gain peace, happiness and prosperity in life. Hindi Astrology - Hick is a articles and news writere, he wrote more articles and news related horoscope, vedic astrology, yoga, career,lifestyle, weelkly horoscope, daily horoscope, horoscope 2012 and more. 


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  • vipul gupta
    vipul gupta Say (April 6, 2011 at 9:11 am)

    my DOB is 21-03-1979,time 11.45pm,place delhi(india). please suggest me which gemstone will benefit me most for better carrer and finances

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