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Importance of Putting and Some Tips

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Putting is obviously an extremely important part of getting a great score during a round of golf. Putting is really a game by itself, and to become a great golfer and have great scores, you need to master this game of putting. Your putter on average will be used lets say two times per hole, that means you are going to be using your putter about thirty six times in a round of golf. This is far more than any other club you will use in your expensive set of golf clubs. So it is essential to be much better with the putter than any other club in your bag.

Even knowing how many times you are going to use your putter, most golfers do not spend the necessary amount of time practicing to get better at is. Most people are all about having the long drive, and that is a great advantage too, but it doesn’t matter how far you drive the ball if you can’t put it in the hole. If you could get good enough to rarely miss your short four to six foot putts that many people struggle with, so you only two putt on the green instead of three putt, you could save yourself a good ten strokes on the course. That is a huge improvement! There isn’t a golfer out there that wouldn’t like to take ten strokes off their game, and it is absolutely possible by becoming a good putter.

Now that you realize how important putting is let me give you a few pointers on how you can improve your short game. First off you should put the ball slightly towards your front foot. You need to have your eyes just behind the ball so you can get a good line of sight towards the hole.

Secondly you need to have a comfortable grip when you are putting, and there are a number of grips to choose from. It is important to understand that you are not using your hands while putting, but the putting motion is controlled by the motion of your shoulders. So find a grip that you think is comfortable and one that you can keep still while you are putting, because moving your hands will cause an inaccurate putt.

Once you have figured out where your putting line is, you want to pick a spot on that line that is not too far in front of you ball. You should be visualizing a line goes from the spot you picked out in front of your ball, through your ball and then through your putter. Your putter should be squared up perfectly to this imaginary line that you have created. After you have lined all of this up make sure you do not adjust anything or you will come off of the line.

As with any swing you need to keep your head as still as possible. You want to keep all unnecessary body movement to an absolute minimum during your putt. Your swing should be a constant speed and the stroke should be the same length backwards as it is forwards.

Remember to always practice your putting and set apart a portion of your practice time for putting so you do not forget it. If you can just knock down one putt you usually miss every other hole that will take off nine strokes from your score.

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