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Incredible Indian Monuments

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India is home to some incredible monuments in India. Different parts of India have different cultures and different monuments to be proud of India. The diversity of India and Indian culture can only be recognized by the diversity in Indian monuments of different states. One of the most famous and incredible architectural example of Indian monuments is Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Earlier it was known as Victoria Treminus as it was designed by a British architecture named Frederick William Stevens. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus serves as the central railway station for Mumbai, the commercial capital and also the most happening city of India. The architecture of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is totally a combination of British Victorian architecture, Mughal architecture and Hindu architecture. This monument in itself is an example of the diverse culture of the various rulers of India that is the Mughals, The Britishers and the Hindu Rulers.

Another example of Hindu architecture in India is the Ellora Caves. The Ellora cave is known as the sibling of the Ajanta caves and both are situated in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The Ellora caves can be divided as a set of three caves. The first set of caves belongs to Hindu culture and is devoted to Lord Shiva. It is believed that the great Pandavs from Indian epic Mahabharata created this cave during their exile period. The second set of caves is based on Buddhist religion and is similar to those of Ajanta caves. These set of caves were homes of many Buddhist monks. The last set of caves is Jain caves and tells the story of origin of Jainism through paintings and sculptures.

Fatehpur Sikhri is situated in Agra which used to be the capital of Mughals. Fatehpur Sikhri was basically a fort where the rulers and kings and queens of the Mughal Empire used to reside. It was the idea of Akbar when he decided he will shift his capital from Delhi to Agra. He built a mosque of “Salim Chisti” inside it along with harems, palaces, mosques, court houses, battlements, utility areas, enjoyment areas, private residential sectors, etc.

Gateway of India is yet another marvelous piece of architecture put together by the British when they ruled over India. The Gateway of India is basically an archway which looks over the beautiful Arabian Sea. It used to a crude place where fisherman used to port their boats but the British decided that it could be of better use so they rebuilt this place into the beautiful monuments of Gateway of India where the important lords and ladies and generals of the British empire can land. Now it looks over the Mumbai harbor.

India is also the land of temples. There are hundreds and thousands of temples in India among them one of the most famous temples is the Golden Temple. The Golden Temple is basically a Sikh Gurudwara with a golden dome and surrounded by a lake which is also known as the holy lake. Another famous temple in India is the Lotus temple. The Lotus Temple is situated in Delhi and is a Baha’I House of Worship that is it allows people irrespective of their caste, religion, sex, gender and nationality to come and pray. It is based on the concept of “God is One”. 


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