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Industry and commerce survey iPad trademark infringement apple or face 240 million ticket

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If you are a “pink”, when you heard that hand this one may use the iPad is the trademark of the others when they think about it? In fact, this sounds like fiction story is happening, the apple iPad may for trademark infringement and face stiff fines. The reporter learns yesterday, xicheng industry and commerce bureau has apple trademark 3D Swarovski iPhone Cases infringement strongly put on record, are investigating processing.

Wl industry and commerce initiate an investigation

The reporter learns, shenzhen only crown of the company in early 2011 to wl industry and commerce bureau and complain, and there were apple in China west area, one of the five ZhiXiaoDian xidan big yue city store. At present, xicheng industry and commerce has been filed to accept.

Because of the punishment of the trademark infringement according to the illegal operational proceeds as calculation basis, have recently reported, xicheng industry and commerce bureau identified 240 million yuan fine. Because apple objection, ticket was temporarily pressure down.

According to information, although no final fine, but apple face punishment should not a small Numbers. In addition, all over the country are just iPad in industry and commerce infringement trademark rights in contact with only crown, hope to provide iPad trademark crown of infringing proof, for apple to the infringement behavior is punished.

IPad is sold to apple?

According to the report, the apple iPad before products introduced in 2010, and didn’t use iPad this logo. Founded in 1995, shenzhen is the champions league in 2001, the company has made “iPad” the exclusive use of a registered trademark. 2001 in 2004 to in, shenzhen is the parent company of the crown-Taiwan only made eight crown “iPad” related to exclusive use of a registered trademark. But apple iPad in don’t want to change the name, 2009 registered a called IP Application Development Limited (abbreviation: iPadL, the following abbreviations for IP) company. In the same year, the IP the company and Taiwan only crown company signed agreement, including involving the transfer of a trademark, 10 trademark. On the same day, Taiwan is the champions league and IP company sign “China trademark transfer agreement”, agreed to Taiwan as one pound of consideration of the trademark assignment involved will give IP company.

But in the second year, the IP company to transfer the apple all of its obtain “iPad” trademark related rights, the two companies to the trademark bureau for mainland China iPad trademark register transfer, the trademark bureau shall reject by China. According to the Chinese law in iPad trademark ownership didn’t happen metastases, apple in its production of the tablet computer products use “iPad” brand, and to include China, sales of the above commodity market.

In April 2010, the shenzhen only to apple company to put forward the shenzhen champions league crowns of the trademark is involved in the real right holder, and ask the apple stop infringing, compensate for the losses. But apple not paying attention.

In June 2010, apple, IP company to the shenzhen intermediate people’s court, think apple has involved the trademark in accordance with the exclusive right, asked to confirm its for the exclusive rights to use a trademark involved. By the end of 2011, the original sentence against apple. Apple refuses to guangdong Supreme Court appeal, the case is still at the trial. The focus of the dispute is only one: namely shenzhen only crown exactly have to sell to the apple iPad trademark.

The registered trademark of hot debate

It has become a hot topic of discussion on the network. Part of the fun people are holding the mentality, think apple current state is deserved it. Net friend “I really don’t call small new” said: “don’t listen to remedy, was not so ye, sooner or later, will have to be.” Some think only of the practice of the champions league with shenzhen, net friend “iron jun” said: “also didn’t see which domestic older Andy lau find Hong Kong star Andy lau to want what interests, if make good natural high reputation with domain name trick, almost.”

Net friend “will try to life bubble surface corn” said slight caricature the meaning of the law: “suddenly remind of learn when the teacher is international trademark said nothing can be registered trademark, which day perhaps can be used to make money……”

Industry and commerce survey iPad trademark infringement apple or face 240 million ticket bling cases


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