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Info Regarding Termites for a Knowledgeable Homeowner: Infestation Signs

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Termites are insects you do not want crawling in your residence, especially if the bulk of your interior is composed of wood. They lead among house bugs responsible for home destruction, with about $ 5 billion damage being announced yearly, according to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). Locating a termite infestation early on can save you from spending huge amounts of money for repairs later on. Right here are tell-tale indications:

Hollow wood

You would not realize at first glance if termites have taken over your drywalls or wood unless you tap it. If it sounds a bit hollow, there might be a horde of termites consuming the wood from inside out. This is because they prefer to reside in damp and dark places, and would not usually eat the wood’s surfaces where it would reveal them to humans.

Discarded ‘swarmer’ wings

If you happen to see a number of discarded wings in your attic space or basement, call a termite expert right away to check the area. It could be that there are already new nests developing inside. The perpetrator of this is the reproductive termites or ‘swarmers’– they fly, getting rid of their wings, and generate new colonies.

Cracked wood surfaces

Because termites like to reside in damp areas and crevices, close these dilemmas without delay if you locate these in your residence. These holes may be tiny which implies they can pass through dime-sized openings. Calling a termite exterminator Dallas locals recommend, could get you–along with the exterminator–to investigate the places for swarms–particularly in vents, roof siding and windows.

Mud tubes

Varieties of subterranean termites like to build mud tubes, especially in the house’s foundation which is usually wet, an appropriate environment for termite nests to accumulate and flourish. This is also a technique for them to travel and hunt for food which can be found in wood chips and firewood. You’re going to need a termite exterminator Dallas has to tackle this one.


Like rats, termites also leave their droppings on the plagued region (I.e. crawlspaces, lofts, downspouts and gutters) which is called frass. This ought to be a clear sign for you to hire a professional pest control Dallas has to address the problem immediately. Log on to to get more facts.


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