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Innovative air shafts and safety chucks

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Air shafts are designed for medium-to heavy-duty mechanisms. They are available to suit any core size from 11 mm to over 300 mm, manufactured in aluminum, steel and carbon fiber, rubber or metal pads and are of robust construction. They are tough and versatile, delivering best performance in the widest range of converting rewind and unwind operations on any machine. Air shafts are able to take any challenge that may arise out of heavy load and speed and this product is in high demanded on the market.

Air shafts are available in a wide range which includes lug, leaf, strip and differential type Airshafts and air bars. Lug type air shafts has importance in handling narrow cores. This type of lug shaft can be made with a variety of core diameters. Lug and leaf type air shafts are easily available on the market. Leaf shafts are made strong, constructed of aluminum, alloy steel or standard steel and internal tubes are made of hard wearing rubber that is durable, making it ideal for medium to heavy duty rewind and unwind applications.

The Air bars have the features to eliminate the need to seal, mask or plug exposed parts of air bars when running narrower webs. It reduces air consumption, web abrasion, compressor cycles and eliminates scratching of web materials common with conventional bars. These entire products are produced with high grade materials for offering durability and long lasting life.

Apart from air bars, the safety chucks in flange and foot version are available on the market as the classic chucks with exchangeable wear parts. Safety chuck slides can open with a push button system which is present on an upright position. If the operator forgets to close the safety chuck manually it closes automatically. The operation of safety chucks are based on a core mechanism. It has low maintenance, durability, easy operation and these unique products can be bought at reasonable prices.





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