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Interesting look at Justin Bieber

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If you ever listen to Justin Bieber’s songs you will understand that Justin will defeat almost every other teenage artist in the world. He’s a fantastic singer! His first song “My World” sailed out on multilple web sites pages and brought him fame along with the passion from his fans. It absolutely was a smashing debut!

Justin Bieber also became the first artist, whose song was number 7 in Billboard Hot 100. It truly is not easy to imagine Justin Bieber without an army of screaming fans. Nonetheless it didn’t come to Justin Bieber immediately. After tens of home videos on YouTube in 2007 where he performed songs of such artists as Usher, Ne-Yo and Stevie Wonder, Justin got about 10 million viewings of his creations.

However the Canadian singer, who was the only child in the family, declared he started singing by accident when he participated in a musical competition called Stratford Idol. Other participants studied for a long time, took lessons and performed with trainers, while Justin just sang together with his relatives at home sometimes. When he was 12 he got 2nd place.
But it was just a beginning. After that success Justin started sending videos to YouTube. He posted videos where he was singing mostly for fun for showing to friends. However other users could watch these videos and many of them starting signing up for his channel. One of those who watched Justin Bieber’s videos on the internet was his future manager.

Only 7 months later after Justin started posting his videos on the net, So So Def – label which wished to sign the contract with Justin, sent the 13 yr old boy to Atlanta to meet label representative as well as the label’s star Usher. After Justin Bieber made a great impression by his singing, he also demonstrated other talents like playing the guitar and piano.
It took a short while for Usher to learn that Justin Bieber will become a superstar and he immediately called Justin back to Atlanta. At the same time the young artist wanted to meet with Justin Timberlake, who also wanted to sign a contract with him. But Usher’s contract was better and in October 2009 Bieber officially began to represent Island records.
Justin’s debut album “My World” where he showed a young hopeful singer’s view of the world. His first song “One Time” is devoted to one of his first loves. Another single “Down to earth” talks about how teenagers mature.
Justin says that he wants to bring people only positive emotions. He wants to demonstrate that if you wish anything, you can do it, you need to simply believe in it. Justin spent his youth in a poor family, he didn’t have much of what other boys in his school had but it strengthened his character and made a stronger man out of him. Besides singing, Justin would like to go to college and turn into a good person.

Justin Bieber’s fans can’t wait to hear his new album. lyrics to your lips against me is one of the songs the girls will not be able to live without. Lyrics to beach bodies is planning to become the next greatest hit.


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