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Interior designing for schools

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Schools have a well designed scheme of imparting education to kids with the multitudinous teachers and professionals to mentor them at each step. It is very important for the kids to feel comfortable in the school so that they are able to concentrate on their studies properly without getting distracted because of uncomfortable chairs or worn out tables.
Thus, it is important for the school management to pay due attention towards the interior of a school along with the plans and policies of education and other activities. There are several rooms in a school for different purposes.
Let me begin with the classroom where the kids have to spend most of their time. Benches or table and chairs must be placed orderly in a spacious room. The display boards and black/white board should be of good quality. Teacher’s table and chair should not be taking much space in the classrooms. Equal attention should be paid towards the ventilation and air conditioning of the room.
Staff rooms should have enough cabinets and drawers for the teachers to place their files and copies. The table and chairs should be comfortable and their placement should allow easy movement in the room and possibility of small meetings if required urgently.
Audio visual laboratories, conference rooms, computer laboratories and the office area of the school should have the required number of systems to work on and technology to support the various kinds of activities and presentations to be held for students, teachers or staff. The ambience and furniture should be different and comfortable to give a break from the regular setting of the classroom. They should be huge and spacious to allow accommodation of a large number of students together at the same time.
The library of the school should be a huge hall with a large accommodating facility and have the required number of shelves for display and cabinets for storing documents and sacks of newspapers, magazines and journals.
Activity and entertainment area like the auditorium should be large for accommodating a large audience for functions of the school. Good sofas and air conditioners should be placed so that the students, parents, teachers and guests are able to enjoy the ceremonies.
The entire school should be well ventilated and equipped. Fire extinguishers should be placed and regularly serviced to ensure safety of the students. Medical room should be easily accessible from every nook and corner of the school and it should have proper beds and other medical furniture that is helpful in case of emergencies.
Safety of students and employees should be the prime concern of the school authorities and necessary arrangements must be made for the same.
Hiring an interior designer is a good option to make sure that no inevitable need is left out and the students and employees are able to work in comfortable surroundings.

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