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Internal Bleeding With Esophageal Cancer

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Internal bleeding with esophageal cancer might be due to esophageal varices which can happen when the veins found on the esophageal walls (lower part) become dilated or become wide then when they are normal and this can sometimes happen in the stomach’s upper region too.

Internal bleeding with esophageal cancer might be become a complication which can threaten the life of the person suffering from esophageal cancer as the portal vein blood pressure can go high. Sometime the high blood pressure can also be because of portal hypertension of liver disease. The main job of the portal vein is to carry blood to the liver from intestines. The pressure when increased can result in ballooning of the veins outward and can also lead to rupture or breaking open.

Persons with Internal bleeding with esophageal cancer can have the symptoms including bloody stools, tarry or black stools, less urine output, dizziness or light headedness, paleness, more thirst, vomiting blood or vomiting, symptoms of cirrhosis or liver disease and so on. Various kinds of tests and physical examinations are done to find out the internal bleeding along with esophageal cancer and they include rectal examination for black or bloody stool, fast heart rate, lower blood pressure, signs and symptoms of cirrhosis or chronic liver diseases and tests done for it.

Esophagogastrodudenoscopy or EGD is a test done to find out internal bleeding with esophageal cancer. In this test a tube is inserted via the nose inside the nasogastric tube or stomach to see the bleeding signs.

Various treatments might be tried with an objective to stop acute bleeding as early as possible and various kinds of medical procedures and medicines might also be administered to stop the bleeding as it can lead to shock and subsequently to death. If the bleeding is massive the patient might be required to be placed on ventilator for protecting the airways and to prevent blood from getting inside the lungs.

When the patient is treated using edosocpic therapy an endoscope or small tube which is lighted might be used. A person who provides health care might directly inject the bleeding varices using a clotting medicine or might place a rubber band surrounding the veins that are bleeding. But it should be kept in mind that this is tried as a preventive measure and for acute bleeding. Once the bleeding (acute) is stopped various other treatments might be used effectively. Various drugs known as beta blockers like nadolol, propranolol might be used for lowering the bleeding risk, a catheter might be placed via a veing to connect blood vessel portal to the body regular veins and lowers the portal vein system pressure. Vasopressin and octreotide might be some of the medications which might be used for lowering the blood flow in the portal and also for slowing the bleeding.

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