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Intro associated with River Sand Rotary Dryer Equipment

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River sand is an important material which may be used in the construction of buildings, bridges, and roads. People have high standard requirements on buildings wall, for example: thermal insulation, insulation, sound insulation, etc. So the products as thermal insulation mortar, insulation panels and noise insulating panels are created with the development of the construction industry. The river sand rotary dryer equipment taken place, and the technologies are mature now. In the past few years, China has focused on the construction of rural and urban, and KMEC has become one of the leading manufacturers of rotary dryers, especially river sand dryer.

Drying of different types of materials may require different equipment. Sand is an essential material in the above products, and sand drying process could be easier with a quality river sand rotary dryer. Sand has the special feature of high fluidity, and the water content is stick to the surfaces of the small grains of sand, the design of river sand dryer equipment specialized for drying all kinds of wet sand, another advantage that the energy of the hot air is reduced to save energy. If you want to know more about our sand rotary dryer, please contact us now.


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  • Posted On November 22, 2012
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