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Introducing restaurant pagers can make your customers happier

Restaurant owners typically judge their operations success according to the number of patrons they receive. The busier your restaurant the more popular it is and which means that your efforts at attracting customers have paid off. Paradoxically, that very success can also present a bothersome situation for your restaurant.

Imagine that it is a busy night and the restaurant is full. All tables are occupied and the waiters are busy running up and down serving the guests. More guests are walking in expecting to enjoy your hospitality only to find that the place is packed to capacity. The manner in which you treat these guests will determine if they’ll continue coming back in the future or switch their allegiances to other restaurants. Guest paging can come to the rescue for such situations.

Guest paging works in a very simple way. When your restaurant is full to capacity and there are no tables available, the newly arriving guests need not leave. Instead, you can show them to the bar or patio and serve them some drinks as they wait for a table to become available. If they have come as groups you can give each cluster a beeper pager, and you still hand each person a beeper pager in the case of individuals. You can then leave them waiting and continue catering to the other guests. As soon as a table is available all you need to do is send a signal to the waiting guests through their beeper pager. They will thus be alerted that it is their turn to be served.

Guest paging as explained above can bring a number of benefits to your restaurant. To begin with, guests will feel welcome despite the place being already full. If people come to your restaurant and your actions make them feel neglected as if they are not important they are likely to take exception and never return. In using pagers you will be telling your guests that you care about them and that you are pleased with their presence but they only need to have a little patience before they are catered to.

Secondly, guest paging can help you to serve guests in an orderly manner. When you have given each guest or group of guests a beeper pager it is very easy to find them when they are ready to be served – you don’t need to call them on a public address system or send someone scurrying after them. Indeed, guests will appreciate the sophistication of service and chances are that they’ll become even more loyal to your restaurant.


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