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Inventory the kitchen coup let your life more simple and practical

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1. Use opportunely baking soda, fried shrimps within our time to advance in the shrimp with a little baking soda, by hand grasp well, place a moment, fried shrimps not only out of the glittering and translucent get rid of, and very chewy.
2. Cooking time doesn’t put cold water, put cold water fried out will be old, losing freshness
3. How to store potatoes don’t sprout – in cheat fang potatoes bag, put on an apple, the “potato head” is no longer the “hair”
4. If the kettle have scale, can add some vinegar to a dip
5. Remove the peculiar smell of refrigerator unconventional methods: is used in peacetime toilet-roll, put in the refrigerator’s safe. It can slow adsorption odor la. General 1 month in one is ok. Used toilet paper can be used to wipe off at the dinner table when having a meal of soup. The kitchen floor tile of oily be soiled, are nice.
6. Cut the beef, and then put into the sodium bicarbonate solution for 3 to 5 minutes, and then cooking, make the beef tender delicious
7. In order to make the beef stew fast, simmer rotten, add a pinch of tea with boiled meat soon rotten and taste delicious
8. Will white vinegar spray in vegetables market, put half an hour before you wash it, not only can be sterilization, still can in addition to taste
9. Braise in soy sauce meat is burning with rice wine instead of water to burn, can let the meat flavouring.
10. Braise in soy sauce meat is burning with rice wine instead of water to burn, can let the meat flavouring
11. Soup does salty, take a wash of potatoes cut into two and a half into the soup a few minutes, soup by salted fades
12. Pork cooked in soy sauce silk time plus a little curry powder, taste will be more fresh.
13. Food how to save not snake: in storage rice box, put on two cloves of garlic, can avoid snake trouble.
14. Bean curd the pot before, first in the boiling water for more than 10 minutes, can remove brine taste, so that made the bean curd taste good, taste sweet and beautiful.
15. Cutting onions, the eyes of the one cut vegetables due to the onion volatile qualitative stimulus and often tears constantly. Chopping Onions? How to don’t stimulate an eye, as long as you are cutting onions before the knife in cold water immersion for a while, and then cut won’t sting the eyes.
16. Cup a long time uses baking soda after cleaning special clean
17. Beef to cross, because beef tendon is more, and the meat fiber grain inclusion the meantime, if not careful observation, along with the cutting, many tendon will be preserved in the article the shredded meat inside. This fried out beef silk. It is hard to chew have to move.
18. With face paint oil, environmental protection and clean, usually do pasta panel flour collected will be used
19. Out of water juice use: cook noodles wet surface juice contains alkaline heavier, can wipe with a cloth oven, gas furnace and kitchen, have very good decontamination effect. Can also be used as a herbicide
20. Cook noodles, adding a little salt to the pan. Cook the noodles are boiled.
21. Food is too hot, put some vinegar can reduce hot; Food is too bitter, drop into a little white vinegar.


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  • Posted On August 17, 2012
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