A Spline Broach is a tool which used for cutting and sizing. It is utilized for manufacturing purposes. They are created for a single user and for one machining operation. Spline broaches are also used for making holes and cutting the surface. It is one of the best and economical available cutting tools in the market. It is also used to remove material from external surface and to cut a spline.

A variety of spline broaches are available and are being used as per the need of the work to be done.Involute spline broach is one of them. Other type of broaches includes parallel key splines, crowned splines, angular splines, helical splines etcetera.

Involute Spline Broach

It is a type of spline that has equally spaced teeth. It has the same general form as involute gear teeth.  These teeth have, like a gear teeth, an involute form. The teeth are made shorter in height and that works as an advantage. Their shorter height provides them extra strength. Apart from it, the other good quality of this involute spline broach is that it has a smooth transition through the radius. The advantage of having smooth transition through radius is that it enables the involute spline broaches to decrease the possibility of fatigue cracking. It is used where the sides are equally spaced and short in length. It is commonly used in tractor lift arms, bull gears, hubs etcetera.

Types of involute spline broach:

1.    Flat root side fit- This spline is used when the operator needs the strength and fatigue is not a problem. This type of spline is made with some different features. The minor diameter, also called male, and the major diameter which is also called female is made slightly shorter in comparison of the fillet root side fit. Another difference between flat root side fit and fillet root side fit is that the transition area of the tooth and the space displays a smaller radius than what it displays in the fillet spline.

2.    Fillet root side fit- This type of involute spline has maximum strength.  It displays full radius in the trochoid area between the teeth. This full radius is tangent to the involute sides of the adjacent teeth and this is the reason it got more strength.

3.    Major diameter side fit- This involute spline has a controlled outside diameter (male) and major diameter (female). The advantage of this type of structure is that it provides close fit at the major diameters. This close fit further provide for transference for concentricity from the shaft to the female spline.

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