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iPhone operating profit accounted for 77% of the whole industry

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Insiders John Paczkowski today published an article said that, although Apple’s iPhone sales was only 50% of Samsung’s smartphone sales, but the iPhone operating profit accounted for 77% of the whole industry.


IDC data show that Samsung’s second-quarter smartphone shipments reached 50 million which reached the highest sales record in a single quarter of mobile phone manufacturers. But the industry Shipakefu Chomsky believes that from the broader mobile market speaking, due to higher gross profit margin of the iPhone and iPad, Apple’s revenue and operating profit are far more than the Samsung and other competitors .


U.S. Investment Company Tavis McCourt data shows that in the second quarter, Apple’s smart phone shipments accounted for 6% of the entire industry shipments, but revenues accounted for 43% of the whole industry, operating profit accounted for a staggering 77%. Moreover, this is still a downturn sales season for iphone.


Thus, althought the Samsung smartphone shipments reached 2 times that of Apple, but is also worth Samsung proud, but Samsung does not exceed Apple in the financial aspects. Samsung to dominate the mobile phone market in the shipments accounts, but Apple is still the leader of the most important indicators: profit.


Macat said: “fundamentally speaking, profit is the goal of innovation, and innovation will promote profitable growth. Unless Samsung profits exceed Apple in the future, otherwise we do not need too much attention to whose shipments is the highest.For example,the HP and Dell’s PC sales are more than Apple Mac sales, but how is that? “



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