Iran sanctions to stop the implementation of the European Union from companies imported goods Gucci Outlet Online Louis Vuitton Outlet StoreThe web LiZongZe reporters reported, according to Iranian state television news “Press TV” on April 11 days to report, Iran’s trade promotion organization, vice chairman of mulberry (Sasan Khodaei) has confirmed that Iran has stopped from 100 European enterprises import goods.

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Reports said, mulberry in gaza to accept the television interview, Tehran has 100 home to the European Union sanctions against enterprise, in order to deal with the European Union issued “hostile measures”. He also stressed that the import of the goods to be stopped the eu including Iran may itself production “luxury”.
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Reports say the eu foreign ministers on January 23 days from Iran to stop oil imports, freezing Iran after the central bank assets reached an agreement, Iranian authorities decided to deal with the European Union that the measures. It is reported, in addition to stop Iran’s oil imports from outside, the European Union also stop the sale to Iran of gold and diamonds, grains, precious metals.


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