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Irish new rule :Cancel the judges wear the wig

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We selodom wash a synthetic wig,because it’s easy tangled,it’s diffcult to take care.On the other hand the price for synthetic wig is low,generally will not wear for a long time.So we introduct how to take care of human hair wigs.

Wash the human hair use cold water or warm water.Should use specially shampoo made by wigs factory.

Use water rinse the wig.Note,do not use hand or comb to comb the wig during the washing process,because it will cause hair loss and damage the wig.

Place the wig on a wire wig stand dry,don’t exposure the wig under sun.

For straight wig,after it dry should comb it little by little to smooth the hair from bottow to top,for curly wig ,it will recover after it dry.

Don’t wash the wig frequently,wash it two times each month is best.


Caring for synthetic hair wigs is not difficult, but you must follow certain guidelines. For regular care, the below tips will help you with keeping your wig clean.

Never use hot water when washing a synthetic wig.

Use a shampoo specially formulated for synthetic wig care. Do not use regular shampoo.

After washing a synthetic wig, place it on a wire wig stand to dry. If you do not have a wire wig stand you can make one by folding several wire clothes hanger around your head. Drying your wig in this manner will encourage it to keep its natural shape.

Never brush a wet wig, even with a brush designed for synthetic wig care.

Never use a blow dryer when caring for synthetic hair wigs.

Keeping these tips in mind, you are now ready to wash your synthetic wig.


Wigs are an easy and fun way to switch up your look. Just pop on a wig and you’re ready to go. Many women who love wigs have several to choose from. But after a time even the best synthetic wigs needs some tender loving care. A word of caution about synthetic hair wigs. Never, ever, I mean ever use a hot tool on them. Even on low setting blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons and even hot rollers will damage the fibers in a synthetic wig. What you may end up with is a melted matted mess. Use these simple instructions to keep your wig and you looking great for many years.

First brush out your wig carefully. If your wig is very curly, check the tag to be sure you can brush it out. Use your fingers to remove any matted areas. These frequently happen near the nape of your neck. Be careful not to damage the wig as you do this.

Fill your sink up with about 2 quarts of cold water. Only use cold water when washing a synthetic wig. Warm or hot water will pull the curl right out of your wig or make it frizzy.

Use about 2 tablespoons of synthetic wig cleanser and add it to the water. Gently place your wig in the water, swish it around, and let it soak for about 5 to 10 minutes. Once the time is up rinse your wig out until all of the cleanser is gone and the water runs clear. Always have the water run the direction of the hair, if you don’t you’ll end up with a tangled mess.

Place your wig on a bath towel and gently press it to remove excess moisture. Never rub it or wring it out to prevent damage to the synthetic fibers. Leave it on the towel overnight or place your wig on a collapsible wig frame. You can use some wig conditioner at this point to help in the comb out process when it is dry.

Once your wig is completely dry you can brush or comb it out. Never comb or brush a wet synthetic wig. You will damage the fibers and take out any curl in your wig. Use your fingers to remove any tangles or mats. You can also use wig conditioner during this process to help your brush or comb glide through your wig easier.

If you follow these simple steps you’ll have a beautiful and well conditioned synthetic wig for many years. You only need to wash your wig after the 10th or 12th time you wear it unless you sweat a lot or it becomes dirty. Synthetic wigs are an economical and fun way to change your hairstyle whenever you want. Take care of your wigs and you can look great at a moment’s notice.

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