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Iron Fist Backlinks – Link Building Blackbook

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If you want other people to find you and if you want backlinks, just do a couple of things per day to get attention. More importantly do some of the cool stuff below to share the love and generate good karma. Expect nothing in return… but know that people will reward you for being awesome over time. It’s EASY!
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<li>Linked to Cool Stuff In A Blog Post?</li>
<li>Created Link bait By Compiling Stuff?</li>
<li>Facebook “Liked” Other People’s Stuff?</li>
<li>Wrote an Addition to Other People’s</li>
<li>Comment on Their Blog?</li>
<li>Commented on A Few New Blogs?</li>
<li>Shared A Cool Resource Via Social Media?</li>
<li>Posted a Cool Resource To A Facebook Group?</li>
<li>Wrote a Review of A Popular Book or Resource in Niche?</li>
<li>Added Cool People To Your Blog Roll?</li>
<li>Referred People From Your Blog To Helpful Stuff?</li>
<li>Solicited Other Sites For Guest Posting?</li>
<li>Asked for Guest Posts From Other Bloggers?</li>
<li>Searched for Twitter Followers and Added Them?</li>
<li>Tweeted Cool Pages to Your Followers</li>
</ul><br />
This method is to add people to your “Black Book” of contacts in a niche and start a relationship. It’s very rarely done which is why it’s so effective. The rewards are fast connections with people who can change your site’s ranking quite quickly if they link to you. Use It At Your Own Risk.
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<li>Find high quality but lower to mid-level blogs in your niche using Google’s Blog Search, scouring blog rolls, and using Stumble upon.</li>
<li>sign up on and a <a href=””>submit articles</a> to gain more exposure from your articles.</li>
<li>Sign up to get RSS Feeds and use to keep up with new posts.</li>
<li>For previous posts, go through and read article, make an intelligent comment, and move on to the next post.</li>
<li>Continuously post 3-5 times per day on articles on each blog with which you want to connect with an owner.</li>
<li>Due to the nature of WordPress, you’re going to start coming up on the radar screen since in most cases they will have to approve/deny your comment.</li>
<li>If they use the “Top Commentators” plugin, you will show up on their sidebar as a top commentator which will give you an extra SEO and publicity boost.</li><br />
Why this is so effective: After the “relationship target” has seen your massive amounts of comments, there’s a good chance they’ll have visited your site, loved it for its great content, and emailed you. This is pure magic in niches…! It’s cheap and easy to outsource this work too…!
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