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Is It Difficult to Design Your Own Website?

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Designing your website is not much difficult as people think. You don’t have to be learning all the aspects of web design and programming to make design your own website but you should have basic knowledge of HTML, Photoshop etc. It is much based on logic and common sense. Moreover if you are not comfortable with programming you can use software’s that can do the same such as Dreamweaver, etc. If you want to make a website that is good looking and attractive to others, you should make sure that it is easy to read and has a simple and good design and provides good information. It’s been proved that the people used to scan the pages rather than reading and search for information they are interested in. Thus the web design should be done in such a manner that web pages are easy to read and navigation is user friendly. Web page should not be congested. If your website is not readable and does not provide any value information then it’s a waste. And also the taste of people differs from place to place; the place and the audience should also be taken care of. Like web design Melbourne industry is different from other places.

There are few things to keep in mind before creating a website design in Melbourne that is user friendly and easy to read and navigation.

-          There must be good contrast between background color and the text color. Commonsense will tell what is readable and what is not. The colors should not bright that it gives pain to the users.

-          The paragraphs and sentences should be kept short. As it is mentioned earlier that online users prefer scanning instead of reading everything.

-          Most of the text should be in lower-case. Capitalized letter are harder to read and distracting.

-          Bullets list should be preferred.

-          Meaningful headlines and title must be used. Creating clear and descriptive headlines is critical in ranking high in the search engine rankings. Titles should be clearly related to what is written underneath it.

-          Alignment and layout is also important in web design in creating a readable and user friendly website. The things should be kept organized and a good flow should be maintained. Pages should be easy to navigate. One or two column should be preferred.

-          Graphics and images should be used to make website attractive.

-          The grammar and the language should be double checked. Bad language and errors creates a bad impression on users and it is considered a cheap websites.

-          Make sure that the navigation is user friendly. Menus should appear on every page of the website. There should not be items in the mail menu. Use of sub-pages and sub menus should be preferred.

All these points can help you create a good looking website. Website design has become so easy compared to past. Nowadays there are many softwares that lets you create websites without knowledge of programming. WordPress and Jhoomla helps you create the websites without knowledge of hardcore programming. In Melbourne web design industry these softwares are often used. Anyone can use create websites using these two. These are user friendly and have are GUI based. There are pre made templates available on the internet that completes the design part.


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