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Is It Time To Replace The Deck?

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When you walk out on the deck, it seems to be sagging a bit in one corner. Is it your imagination or is the deck running out of life? It’s sad when you see once beautiful decks in disrepair because they were neglected or have simply outlived their usefulness. A deck is meant to be used, so when you find yourself avoiding the deck for safety reasons or because it has become unattractive, it’s time to call general contractors in Cape Cod, MA and have the deck assessed. 

Sometimes it is possible to repair a deck. A lot depends on the age of the deck and the general maintenance it has received over the years. Wood decks are particularly subject to problems if the wood is not sealed annually or it remains wet in areas for extended periods of time.

One of the common causes of deck damage are flower pots allowed to sit in one spot for months. The area under the pot can remain damp and that leads to wood decay. It doesn’t take wood look to begin rotting when kept wet. These kinds of dark damp spots are also found under furniture, outdoor storage boxes and barbecues. Often, if it’s a case of one or two boards that are damaged, the carpenter can just replace the deck planks.

The same principle applies to vinyl or composite decking. Though vinyl will not rot like wood, the deck can sag or warp and pieces must be replaced. The deck should be repaired as soon as the problem is noticed to avoid further damage. 

Repair or Replace?

How do you know when it’s time to replace the whole deck? Sometimes a deck can look like it’s in disrepair when it only needs to be cleaned, re-stained and sealed. When General Contractors, Cape Cod, MA assess a deck they look at the whole picture. The type of problems they look for include nails or screws that won’t hold deck pieces together any more or clear signs of rot.

In addition, the contractor will walk all over the deck testing for spongy areas indicating rot. He will also look for signs of termite damage. Sometimes a younger deck that sags can be repaired with reinforcing framing added underneath the structure. However, older decks that are sagging may need to be removed and replaced.

One of the general contractors in Cape Cod, MA will have to replace the deck if the deck has become structurally unsound. There are frequent news stories about decks collapsing and people getting injured as a result. A structurally unsound deck must be replaced with a safer version. 

Problems Don’t Go Away

Deck decay or rot will spread. Eventually the whole structure becomes loose as nails and screws no longer hold pieces into place. It is common for railings to come loose also which adds yet another safety concern. If you are wondering whether your deck needs repair or replacement, the first step is to get a professional assessment. General Contractors Cape Cod, MA homeowners use will assess the deck and provide specifics to support their recommendation. The one thing you should not do if questioning the safety of your deck is wait-and-see. The problem will only get worse. 

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