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Is your Intel graphics and Realtek audio chipset driver ok?

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Intel graphics chipset/ Intel graphics media accelerator driver
Have your ever got stagnation problem with the Intel chipset Intel wireless card when registering to the network components, the issue could be caused by PCIIDE driver. how to get the issue fixed, just follow these solutions.
1. Removed PCIIDE mode in ICH4/ICH5/ICH6/ICH7/ICH9/ICH10 and default using Intelide mode installation.
2. As part of the ICH8 chip notebook with Intelide installed, the ICH8 chipset driver should also be installed in PCIIDE mode after removing Intelide mode.
3. Even though this kind of issue could be fixed by amending chipset driver in the past, the effect was still not so good. So now, we will not fix the issue by changing the ICH8 chipset drivers any more.
4. Considering there is stagnation when the wireless card register with web components after installing PCIIDE driver, the following solutions offered can only be reference.
We can avoid the problem happening again by installing after ICH8 series chipset driver entered the desktop. For example: after extracting the driver, we write “batch 1″ to change ICH8 chipset driver “ich8ide.inf” to “ich8ide.inf.bak, and then “”batch 2” to change “ich8ide.inf.bak” back to “ich8ide.inf” and let it automatically install ICH8 chipset driver after entering the desktop. When we default extracting the driver package to C:Drivers catalogue and batch the following content.
Write batch 1 like this: Ren C:DriversChipsetIntelCAllich8ide.inf ich8ide.inf.bak
Write batch 2 like this: Ren C:DriversChipsetIntelCAllich8ide.inf.bak ich8ide.inf
Of course you can also deal with it in other ways, only if you let ICH8 chipset driver or Intel wireless card driver enter the desktop to install.
5.It’s recommended to copy the ICH8 chipset driver to “ich8ide.inf.bak” and wait for recovery if we use DrVS3 driver.
6.We don’t have to make any changes if the desktop environment installation hasn’t been affected.
So we don’t have to go to the Device Manager and delete the NIC and reinstall, just entering the desktop and reinstalling the NIC driver is enough!
Realtek audio chipset driver

We take Realtek AC97/HD audio chipset driver as example, see how to solve issue with Realtek audio chipset driver below.
1.WQHL driver full version is included in drivers, if you need real driver, you can execute fine drivers provided by the driver package.
2.There is no control panel included if the Realtek AC 97 audio driver is fine (multimedia audio controller driver, HD series includes too).
3.We don’t have to copy the Realtek HD audio MIC adjustable patches to the system but just provide Realtek series audio driver like Realtek High Definition audio driver catalogue (This patch is mainly used when the Realtek ALC861 /883 audio Cameron is not adjustable).


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